[before_listing id=313 images= youtube=null] I’ve been educating myself on Earthbag and SuperAdobe construction methods. With these hand-made buildings, a cheap parcel of remote land and the help of a handful of like-minded people, a new village may take root. I’m ready to begin the transition over the next year(2011). I have put together a plan to make the transition but it relies heavily on other people who wish to do the same. By pooling manpower, a little money and time, I want to create a satellite village which helps others into this lifestyle. By taking part in the village, people will learn DIY home building, permaculture gardening, and various other off-grid skills and information. Think of it as an introduction where people could spend days, months, weeks or even years learning these ways before setting out on their own. It’s not about money and it should never come to that. Sure it will still be useful in some circumstances but the idea is to be free of such pursuits, stop trading our time, our labor and our lives for money and start living what life we have left to enjoy.
The transition will not be easy and is expected to take place over several years with the first stage being the development of the land with little more than camping accommodations. As Earthbag structures and various support systems like septic begin to take form, the village will become more of a weekend retreat, trading lodging, information and hospitality for labor. When someone truly puts their heart into something; their resourcefulness knows no bounds. And that is the strength behind a project like this. Everyone who becomes involved will have done so because their heart told them it was the right thing to do.
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2 Responses to “Looking to transition soon!”

  1. time2Coalesce

    Hello, my friend and I are looking to transition soon, we’d like to help and learn from as many people as we can…let me know more at: ThibautPasquini@gmail.com

  2. BobbyKorona

    Hello SENSI …..wish you luck….East cost of Florida have been working the last 3 years on my property , dug a 1 acre pond and very successfully raising Tilapia……will be working on the hatchery this month …they are free range all natural , no sexing , hormones , or dog-food … So if your group will need any hands on knowledge of Aquaculture , solar PV & batters , solar water heaters , solar stills , solar ovens , raft gardens , wood fired pottery , where to search for building materials in your area just for hauling away , or anything the off girder might need to know …… let me know…….bob 7-2-2014