[before_listing id=241 images= youtube=null] Husband and wife would like to join or help create an off grid community of about 15 to 20 individuals or families. Our skills include, wild food crafting, harvesting and preparation as well as medicinal uses of plants. Construction, plumbing,hunting, fishing,gardening,food storage. We have our own equipment such as generators, batteries, tools, and other utensils and food supplies. We will gladly share with those who are serious about working together to create a sustainable community. Age is not a requirement, and no consideration will be given to race, color or religion. Although we are not interested in forming a religious community as we are spiritual “not” religious. If you are interested we can talk and see what we can do as a group to achieve a sustainable community off grid. We look forward to hearing from you.[landbuddy_listing id=241 youtube=null]

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