[before_listing id=241 images= youtube=null] Husband and wife would like to join or help create an off grid community of about 15 to 20 individuals or families. Our skills include, wild food crafting, harvesting and preparation as well as medicinal uses of plants. Construction, plumbing,hunting, fishing,gardening,food storage. We have our own equipment such as generators, batteries, tools, and other utensils and food supplies. We will gladly share with those who are serious about working together to create a sustainable community. Age is not a requirement, and no consideration will be given to race, color or religion. Although we are not interested in forming a religious community as we are spiritual “not” religious. If you are interested we can talk and see what we can do as a group to achieve a sustainable community off grid. We look forward to hearing from you.[landbuddy_listing id=241 youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Looking to start off grid community in south eastern US”

  1. paul

    also looking to buy land, or join an existing community in pa, md, va, or the carolinas. My wife and i would certainly be an asset. please respond to pjm4688@yahoo.com

  2. Gene

    Live in Northeastern OK near Illinois River. Very interested and determined to live sustainable and self reliant. Single father of two, i am an Aquatic Biologist, very interested in aqua-culture, Bee-keeping, and just plain ol livin right.

  3. Curtis

    Sounds great i have been looking into this also, please keep me posted. thanks Curt

  4. Mark

    I am highly interested in joining your group to build such a community. I have been searching for over a year and would like some additional info. Thanks.

  5. Katie

    Hi there! I am wondering how this is progressing and also where it may be located. My husband and I are looking for a similar experience. Thanks!

  6. PinkieRoze

    Hello!! I was also curious about the location. I’m not entirely sure when this was posted, but I hope you have had progress and I would love to hear about it if you wouldn’t mind. My boyfriend and many friends and family are also looking into sustainable living and don’t mind working with others. (Many brains are better then one!)

  7. Greg

    We have worked with a number of groups to form sustainable communities including the East lake Commons community in Atlanta. IF we can be of any help plese let us know.
    Greg Ramsey

  8. Anthony

    Good day,

    I was wondering which part exactly in South Eastern US are you looking to start off a grid community, as I am interested in the concept/lifetyle and would be willing to contribute. I live in Central Florida (Orlando).


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