[before_listing id=460 images= youtube=null] I am a 43 years old with a wife and a young daughter. We want to get a piece of land to start a self sustaining life close to nature. I am a beekeeper and also want to do aquaponics in a geodesic dome greenhouse, along with regular farming, orchard and berry fields. We are looking for about 5 acres of land with a bit of forest with a creek if possible, we need only part of the land to be good for farming, the rest can be cultivated in over ground greenhouses. We want a quiet environment, not too close to a highway or electric grid mainframe. We are open to adhere to a group of like minded people to get a larger property and divide it. Currently we do not have sufficient funds available, but hope to be able to get enough to start before the end of the year. I work in constructions and I can build a house on my own with some help.[landbuddy_listing id=460 youtube=null]

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24 Responses to “Looking to start living off grid / join a community”

  1. Martha

    I am near Toronto, and researching heavily about moving off grid. Would prefer a group effort! Are there people still interested these days? Meet and greet?

  2. Bryce

    would love to talk with someone about this, hoping this is still an active thread as its been awhile since anyone has posted anything. My wife and I are very much on board with the dome homes and greenhouses in fact found some really cool green magic homes(looks like a hobbit home)and are done with what is passed off as a normal life. Will be in canandagua area

  3. susanmaslak

    Hey. So many people are on the same page. Why can we not make this happen. Even a 13 yr old boy understands that there has to be a better way. Lets make it happen in southern Ontario.

  4. Rich

    I am currently in Toronto and looking to buy 100 acres in Huntsville area to split between 10 – 20 families. We hope to meet some beautiful people who believe they are here for a reason. Lets start talking!!! Thanks

  5. GPetrut

    Hi guys, I found this website that facilitates obtaining 3-6 acres of land for cheap, by organizing people with similar interests in groups that will form a corporation that will buy a large piece of land and divide it between the members as shares. Might be hard to have a permanent residence there, but you can have an RV, shed, what ever shelter you can muster. You could declare your permanent residence at a friend’s address and rent a PO box for your mail. That should do it for a while.
    Here’s the website: https://www.thelandproject.com/ontarioland.html

  6. dane

    My husband and would like to be part of an eco community too.
    I’m willing to be part of a group buying land.
    Just out of curiosity, is there anyone thinking of doing this in or near Florida?

  7. heathbar64

    hey i am 17 and i want to live off the land too and i am trying to find a place to do so and i grew up on a farm and i am hippie tree huger and hiker and i love nature and i want to go too right now.
    from what i herd the best place is Montana, why bc it has the best soil and land mass but winter is strong their but we can make it

  8. heathbar64

    hey i am 17 and i want to live off the land too and i am trying to find a place to do so and i grew up on a farm and i am hippie tree huger and hiker and i love nature and i want to go too right now.
    from what i herd the best place is Montana, why bc it has the best soil and land mass but winter is tought their but we can make it

  9. Frank

    I’m one of many who lost everything in the recession back in 2009 and in the last few years have realized that everything needs to change in order to survive and grow…we simply can’t pretend a life of shopping and hoarding will make us important. I’m interested in living off grid, learning and sharing experience with a serious group of like minded people. I am single and in the works of adopting a little girl…another important reason to make off-grid living a reality; I don’t want her to think that having lots of toys and fancy clothes makes her important. Please keep me posted with lands whether owningor renting.

  10. Kristina

    Hi, I am 36 years old, living in Quebec,I am a Chef with her own gluten-free, peanut-free and vegan/raw food business in the start-up phases. Like most of you who commented on this thread, I am truly interested in this communal off the grid, self sustained, form of living but don’t have the financial means to achieve this dream-yet. It would be something I would be willing to be involved in and am definitely going to wait patiently for more about this. In the mean time, I will continue checking in on this forum and if things progress I would love info about it. Out of Province is fine by me when I am able, this is such a wonderful and empowering movement, what a blessing!

  11. C


    I’d like to start living OTG this summer. I’m 36 years old, female, from Toronto. I don’t have very much experience, but I was going to buy land near Ompah, Ontario. I would like to find someone to build the home and start creating a small group of survivalists together. Has a group been formed yet? Does anyone have land or shelter yet?

    I love nature and I really want to live in in a small group of people surrounded by nature, animals and a garden! I would also love a horse. I’m interested in living in a higher elevation above sea level, Northern Ontario, but not too far north, in case the Oceans flood the lands. I’m also interested in relocating to Alberta near the mountains. Does anyone have a vehicle or land and what do we need to do to get started?

    I’m really committed to a survivalist team of people, who are concerned about the end of days for 2012.

    I wish you all peace and prosperity in God. Together, we can live OTG and be happy. Let’s talk and get like-minded people together.

    I was going to buy a small lot this week: It’s just under 2 acres … but it’s in the wilderness and a nice area!


  12. Jackie

    Hello, my husband and I would love to start a community with like-minded people. We wish to live off grid, and off the land. We are in our early 20’s and are fit and healthy. We currently do not have the funds or the experience to do so. If anyone would like to start a community together we are more then willing to learn and eager to participate, if only for a few months, to a few years. We currently live in Fl. 

  13. joe tyler

    I want to live where money is never a prob. I have none and I have no real talent but I can do a lot. Construction, yes, I also do repair work. So I’m untreated but I live in CT and thinking of moving out of my rents and into the woods :)

  14. davidb

    i am 13 and when i get older i would be happy to work with yall n live off the grid

  15. D


    and for those that truly want it!!

  16. D

    i am a canadian and originally replied o this post when I saw people in cities right next door speaking of this lifestyle.

    nevada, aside from burning man, holds zero interest to me for living.

    as for a splash of common sense, i can only speak for myself and say, this lifestyle will be extremely hard work in setting up, maintaining and making it sustainable.

    i have my reasons, but a natural disasters or terrorists/american world policing is not it. this will inevitably become lifestyle choice for the few tat can bare it.

  17. Eleusis

    I dont mean to be a wet blanket (daiper), but how many of you have been to Nevada ? especially in the summertime. Have you ever heard of Burning Man ? It is a couple 100 miles west of Winnemucca. The other thing is, is barren desert like the Sahara there and if you are going to be doing any gardening at all, you are going to need to move in your Soil and truck in Water in Big Tanks. The only shade you have there is little tiny dead sage brushes. The other thing about Nevada is the people there are really super conservative and everywhere I have ever been in Nevada the people are desperate and the only thing that looks good in Nevada is one of those ranches way back off the highway with a Spring and Trees coming out of the Hillside where is 100 miles from the nearest town. Anywhere I ever went with my kid there, I would have handcuffed to me.

    This website needs a common sense article about choosing places to live for people new to the scene. There also needs to be some examples for keeping a small group in order so they arent fighting and constantly bickering over a common direction, or no one will get anything done. aka Political structure like food, health, who is paying the bills, transportation,

    As time goes on, group housing is going to get more and more common. Due to the economy if anyone has been looking at the Real Estate Ads, this winter Housing and Car Ads have gone up 10x in the past 2 months. People are going broke and selling everything they have to people who dont have any money.

    the prices are collapsing while going up for junk food and gasoline

    the time is here Now, but you people need a forum with some common sense articles and discussions to guide the inexperienced and pinpoint sustainable living zones that are practical and proven to have resources…

    one of the first rules in a disaster is getting away from crowded areas and cities… but I dont see many paying attention to that one… if you plan on gardening, doesnt it seem common sense to go where you got good soil ? what are you going to do for water and heat ?

    I think where t start, is looking if you are just doing this for a hobby, or how serious do you plan to get with this ?

    we are in the hotseat now kiddies, you need someone with experience to lay out some common sense guidelines and show some working examples

    sure I can go make a 3 million dollar solar paneled retreat with a hot tub, but where does that fit into the people that need a place to raise a family and grow their own food ? are there any active groups that are succeeding ? If so can we have some working examples ?

    people are also scared of the north and winter zones, but it sure keeps the undesirables, health problems and crime out. The water is alot cleaner here too and we got deers and yummie fishes…

    not the icky desert

  18. Aaron

    Wow! GPETRUT, I could not believe my eyes! I am a beekeeper who wants to do aquaponics and farming as well. Are interests are so closely aligned I thought my wife wrote it about us! Amazing how the internet brings people together. One recommendation for you is to check out “Vermiponics”. This combined with aquaponics can sustain the fish and / or chickens and will decrease the time for bed preparation plus increase yields. Good to hear from you!

  19. chinwhisker1956

    I am looking for either 12 couples or single folks to purchase a property in northern bc to go and live off grid.$25,000 each couple or single person.We live in valemount where the air is fresh and water is clean and large properties are reasonably priced .The idea is to grow most of our own food ,grow our own chickens,have a large out door community garden and also a greenhouse or two.Then have a common space for meals or gatherings and each will have 5 acres to live on that you can then call your own and do as you choose within the community earth friendly guidelines.The first 6 to sign on for this property purchase will have the 1st refusal of governing and direction authorization when it comes to property management.My friend is younger than me ,and i am 55 and have wanted to do this for many years and so now is the time to do this,so if you are interested feel free to email me back at recycler5669@yahoo.ca and i can then answer any questions you may have.Thanks Rick

  20. Zameil


    I currently own 80 acres of flat open land in NW Nevada, and I am more than ready to get the right group of people together to create such a place of peace and harmony. I currently live in Florida and own a computer store, but would drop all of this in a minute with the right help. I have the land, but not the money, or all the know-how. I am adept at many things, and in great shape, but I don’t feel this sort of thing should be a solo project. One of the best parts to this is that by working together, we will already be making the world a better place.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Be Well,


  21. D


    I am currently a home owner living in kitchener. I am a home owner and professional photographer amongst other things.

    I lost my job in August due to restructuring and then took a month off and went out east and drove all of it; from Quebec to St.Johns.

    I am very much interested and curious about this initiative and have been doing research on land, home styles and now, alternative forms of energy.

    How can we communicate off this site…?


  22. GPetrut

    Thanks for your interest guys. Since I have a few days off until I resume work, I thought of doing research and get all info I can towards our goal. I looked today on MLS listings for lands under 25,000 and to my surprise I found several parcels, one a bit over 3 acres for 19,900 and one that is a bit too far away from me, 4 acres for 14,900. In the same vicinity I found a bit over 8 acres for 19,900. There are bigger properties that can be split in half, but cost around 89,000 which we won’t be able to make. I guess over the winter prices are dropping for properties. What I’m trying to say is don’t lose hope, save some money and I guess 2 families can get started easier than alone. I’m not going to jump in at the moment because we are not ready, so be patient and prepare.

  23. Cindy

    My partner and I are in our mid-late 40’s and have a young daughter. We would be interested in something like this possibly. I am just finishing a MA in history and she is an educator (deaf ed with a specialty in science.) Please let us know if this takes off. We are liberal Christians, but are respectful of all. We both have quite a bit of knowledge about sustainability and alternative energy as well as organic gardening and eco-friendly building.

  24. Garret

    my wife and i are in our early 20’s and want exactly what you want, but also do not have enough money at the moment. i can help with building and even have some plans for homes, greenhouses, what foods to grow, and ideas about specifics. would like to go as soon as possible. thought about getting some people together to split the cost of a parcel of land. would love to talk with commited people about your thoughts on this.