[before_listing id=398 images= youtube=null] We are a young family of four with two dogs, two cats. We are looking in the northwest for 10 to 50 acres, owner finance or lease to own land. Need trees, water, and sun. We are so tired of the suburban life. My wife is montessori school trained and homeschooling our 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Wish to have others join us in the quest to grow most of our own food, live off grid (microhydro power preffered), and start a bamboo village. We have lots of bamboo now and wish to farm it for timber and food. Making bamboo products in a shop while living a organic farm/forest lifestyle. Bamboo really is the future when it comes to life. We have studied/researched this for about 6 years now. We are totally family focused, our kids come first. [landbuddy_listing id=398 youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “looking to start an off grid bamboo village”

  1. Karin

    Looking to connect with the off-grid life, is anybody out there?

  2. TheProfesh

    When can we start?

  3. diannamarsolek

    hi we have 17 acres we will be living on here in about 1 week im dianna we have small farm with a streem and a spring diannamarsolek @ yahoo.com

  4. Tania

    Hello, I am going to school for herbalism and am interested in living off grid. My short term goals include staying close to portland/beaverton because this herbal course isn’t done until november, so if that is a similar goal please contact me. Furthermore, I am active and helpful, but I see myself living in a van over the summer on land, so for a while I can help with labor and rent, but I am not ready yet to go in on a piece of land.

  5. seekgoodearth

    John F. I also would like purchase property communally and share and build it together. email me seekgoodearth[at]hotmail[dot]com

  6. Fred Stevens

    If you’re looking for a more isolated place in Oregon that still has greenery and reliable water sources, check east-northeast of Prineville.

  7. John F.

    I am also interested in teaming-up with like minded individuals in order to live off the grid. Specifically I would like purchase property within a group to save money and split property. Also I can install solar equipment and love to garden.

  8. Robin and Juney

    Alex, where exactly and how much acreage is a “lot of land” a “few hours from Portland”? We’ve been scouting for an attractive, tribal location further south in Oregon, and our snag is finding acreage that’s away, both from population centers and other land-scarring activities, yet near people of like mind. Our preference is to build tree-houses, but we have some experience with cob, yurt, straw bale, and dome construction. We’re putting our “all” into this and that’s why location and “buddies” in at least spirit are so important.

  9. Lindsay

    Alex– I would love to know more about your back to the Earth project! I am definitely interested and am trying to find communities to be involved with that are living self-sufficiently near Portland. Please let me know how to a be a a part of this!

  10. Alex

    You can join my Tribal back to the Earth project its a few hours from Portland in the wilderness on allot of land with sun and water. We are starting the spring with the greenhouses and garden. This will be a self sustainable “tribal” community, We seek to recreate the indigenous tribal way of life. But we will have some electricity.

  11. Jeannine

    I’d like to do something like this too in Australia, the climate lends itself very well to this.

  12. Neil

    Hello, I also believe that bamboo can provide a sustainable living environment for a like minded community. In the same respect I hope one day that hemp(not marijuana, although I say each to his own in this respect) is also an equal if not superior product, medicinally and as a resource. I know I have much to learn, I can be a bit hard headed, but I am begging to just now stand for something, and this can be hard in a city environment, I have made it out to the rural community and live in a yurt built from 80% recycled materials. Would love to hear from you and how your dream is taking shape. I too am looking to further my own dream. I have to dogs, both very smart. An ideal home for me would be an earthship, but this takes land to build on and store materials while preparing. So yurt, then perhaps an ecodome and then the earthship, ten years should do it :) My pace is slow, simple and pretty easy going once gotten to know. I have a few friends in the wenatchee valley area that are also looking, quite the green thumbs. I myself am acquainted with stone masonry, walls, flooring, kilns, I like round things :) hence the yurt. It’s hard to know where to begin these days and I often feel I am starting in the middle having to work my way back and forth. My greatest desire is to learn from good people, share what I know and genuinely connect with heart. God bless.

  13. JJ

    Hello, Bamboo is wonderful stuff and some the buildings I have seen made of bamboo are amazing. I would love to help out. I am a 27 year old healthy male with like minded ideas. Keep me posted

    THANKS, :)

  14. banita

    please contact me. i am a young wife and mother of 2 girls. I have hours upon hours of research on this subject matter and very interested and eager to know how things have progressed for this project.

  15. Neshe Curtis

    We would love to discuss your idea. It sounds wonderful… starting a bamboo village.
    I do currently take bamboo extract. Bamboo has many benefits. I am very interested making clothes from bamboo.
    We have been looking for a safe off-grid for our family. We are a couple with a six year old son.
    Currently my husband is working on converting cars to Hydrogen Ethanol Hybrids and he is a tallented carpenter/contractor who dreams of building bamboo tree houses with giant bamboo.
    I am a licensed clinical aesthetician and herbologist and we make many health products.
    Looking forward to hear from you.