Done with working 60 hours a week as a carpenter and general builder, I get no satisfaction because all cash payed jobs on this planet only benefit the 13 families that enslave us in this make belief world of excessive consumption. I spent 8 years in the British army and learned some useful skills until I realised that instead of protecting civilians, were protecting the economic interests of the very rich. I am looking to go off grid somewhere tropical preferably near the ocean so I can surf. Either in an existing community, or a fledgling … I have great skills to offer, I am inclined towards the Pacific coast of south America, but an open minded. I would be happy to hear from like-minded souls who have similar ideas. Feel free to contact me on

Best regards Andy.

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One Response to “Looking to start again”

  1. LoneroftheDork

    I was talking with Jedimaster (posted near yours) we don’t have any details decided yet but if you’re openminded your skills could be pretty useful, so if you want to you could comment on their post. I have some info on my profile here but nothing’s decided yet and there’s no need to feel locked in if it ends up not working out in planning.