hi, my name is Dakota. 

I am 18 years old looking to go off the grid. willing to relocate pretty much anywhere in the United States. I want to go off the grid because I believe it is the way to go these days and I believe it’s more environmentally friendly and that is important to me. if you have anymore questions or you think you could help me go off grid. please contact me at 706-604-7832 

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2 Responses to “looking to start a new life!”

  1. Dovely

    Dakota contact me at mystic@bohemianelegance.com we are working on a project in southern CO

  2. Bloo

    59 biracial female..VA pension…chef/gardener/jackofalltrades…5 dog 1 cat..own equiptment and vehicle wanting to go off grid AGAIN. Been caring for sick dying people for the last 10yrs.. They are dead and gone. Time for ME! country is falling apart.. Time to get ready! Who out there wants to start a community?