[before_listing id=340 images= youtube=null] I am a 23 year old male living in Orlando, FL. I make my living as a Video Editor. I am looking to move somewhere in the midwest/west and live off the grid.

I am drowning in student loan debt (among other things), and I want to escape this phony life of materialism and constant hunger for money. I want to learn to be self-sufficient and live off the grid with 1-3 like-minded, friendly people. I want to experience true freedom, and I want to remain as tucked away from ‘normal ‘ society as possible.

I am a very friendly person. Very easy to get along with.

I have $1000 saved up so far to start my journey towards living off the grid. If anyone is willing to take me in or help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Also, I am not lazy. I am perfectly willing to work hard to shape my life into what I want it to be.[landbuddy_listing id=340 youtube=null]

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