[before_listing id=340 images= youtube=null] I am a 23 year old male living in Orlando, FL. I make my living as a Video Editor. I am looking to move somewhere in the midwest/west and live off the grid.

I am drowning in student loan debt (among other things), and I want to escape this phony life of materialism and constant hunger for money. I want to learn to be self-sufficient and live off the grid with 1-3 like-minded, friendly people. I want to experience true freedom, and I want to remain as tucked away from ‘normal ‘ society as possible.

I am a very friendly person. Very easy to get along with.

I have $1000 saved up so far to start my journey towards living off the grid. If anyone is willing to take me in or help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Also, I am not lazy. I am perfectly willing to work hard to shape my life into what I want it to be.[landbuddy_listing id=340 youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “Looking to move out west”

  1. Dreaming Off-Grid

    Hey man, have you found a buddy? I am from Orlando, too, but way much older than you. You might not like the company, but what the heck, if company is what we seek for. Email me if you are interested.

  2. BobbyKorona

    this is an old post….but if anybody within 60 miles of Daytona Beach is thinking about going off grid…contact me….or hit my pin…..near Palm Coast….need help with my fish farm….and other projects

  3. newlife

    what’s the update here? i may be interested.

  4. Willow

    I live here in orlando and have the same interest, sounds like i have the exact same mind-set as well. Have you gone off grid yet, or do you still want to? Please let me know, I don’t believe I can do this successfully without a small community of like-minded people. (email: willow cheek@yahoo.com)

  5. Kyle

    dude are you still wanting to go off grid? Ive been thinking about if for a while now and i live in clearwater florida and would love to do everything you said!! let me know man…

  6. Jason

    If you start Vanaboding you will be able to go quickly, leve cheap AND disappear if that is very important to you.

  7. in Oregon

    You didn’t leave an email address. I will write you (not interested in leaving my own email address here, particularly given some of the responses.) [I would assume from your career and message that you aren’t actually intending to quit work and could theoretically earn some money doing remote work.]
    I am purchasing an off-grid timber property in SW Oregon that has a couple of tiny cabins, a composting toilet, and plenty of chores/projects t work on. Am looking for find a reliable, detail oriented, honest person who would be interested in exchanging a modest amount of labor in exchange for a place to live (and hopefully a bit of food – from a shared garden and poultry that will need some care.) There may be some availability of off-property employment in one of the two nearby towns, but person would need their own vehicle to come and go. I would do credit and background checks before any final agreement and believe a one year commitment would be in the best interest of both sides. If you are interested, please post your email address here in the comments section, so that I can contact you directly.

  8. Mike

    Spencer…You do not have to pay off your student loan debt! I am a film editor as well with tons of debt, but this economy is going to collapse and go bankrupt SOON. We are only acting as slaves to the corporations and banks. Your head is in the right place. You definitely need to find a place to escape to where they will not track you down. You really should check out the Zeitgeist Movement if you have not already. Your eyes will be open to a whole world of information that will change your thinking about how this “economy” works. I am planning my exit as well. E-mail me if you found a good place or anything because I am curious to know what you find. Thanks.

  9. gogreen

    good luck i also am escaping my debts i cannot even find a job in a metro city not even mcds i have debt chasing me from when i had my son @ 19 i know in upper wa you can phurchas 5 plus acrs for 5000 so keep saving and look out for that one right space and if you use recycled materials makes building cheap

  10. miked

    Just my two cents but I disagree with some of the other posts. I think if you default on your debt you are just going to be like approximately 100 million other Americans. Which isn’t a bad thing. I’ll assume that your debt for school is above $20,000 and that is guessing low. The realism of the matter is that when you get a job, IF YOU GET A JOB in this economy when you’re done with school. You need to pay electric bill, water bill, phone bill, internet bill, cable bill, car payment, car insurance, health insurance, rent, or a mortgage payment ect ect ect ect. A couple of those may not apply to you but for the most part ANYONE IN THE SYSTEM is going to have to pay many bills to live in this current society, and he will essentially NEVER be free if all he ever does is pay pay pay, and he never has a chance to save. In my opinion THE BEST WAY TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBT IS TO GET OFF GRID because then you can live extremely cheaply and have the REAL possibility of paying off your debt and getting yourself finacially stable. Then if you choose to go back on the grid you can have the finances to do it, and do it the right way. Instead of Doing what most people do and take out a loan for a house and IMMEDIATELY put yourself back into debt. This thing about “If you default on your debts you will forever be a liar and a thief” please…. So all these people in America that are defaulting on debts are liars and thiefs…lol come on man. The reason people default on debts is BECAUSE THEY CAN’T PAY IT. The liars and thief’s are the bankers.

    Do whats best for you and get off the grid and get your finances straight, then you can really help yourself.

    I have never had a credit card in my life and I have one of the lowest credit scores of anyone I know because of medical bills. After many years of piling medical bills and struggle trying to pay it off (EVEN ASKING FOR CERTAIN bills to be paid AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT for several years) I gave up. I quit paying on my car, I quit paying health insurance, I quit paying EVERYTHING except phone bill. Then I got used cheap transportation, with ultra low insurance costs per year.

    As for “You are 23 that , explains it. You have to understand , that moving off grid is not going to give your freedom from loan or debt”

    Actually that’s exactly what moving off grid does is give you freedom from loan and debt. In fact thats why many people live off grid to escape debt and payments.

    Good luck HI_IM_SPENCER


  11. JMRA

    RE: Looking to move out west
    by HI_IM_SPENCER on MARCH 1, 2011
    Hello Spencer, I have lived all over the world but the best, hottest and sunniest place is the Texas /New Mexico border around the Las Cruces , Deming, Silver City, Hatch, Alamogordo area, far from the dangerous Mexican border and town of Juarez while still somewhat close to civilization as needed. No hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or volcanoes but strong winds and perfect climate for farming and living off the grid. Just be sure to store plenty of water and dig for well water if able. This is a multi cultural area with a lot of southern hospitality. And for those of us who have lived in the Southwest the last five generations and are familiar with certain problems associated with it, we appreciate fully our right to bear arms, protect our property and like to keep it that way. Land is relatively cheap and you own all mineral and water rights on it. Good luck to you and your always welcome in the southwest.

  12. Spongebob

    Karl did point it out very strong and rough . You may feel angry not only at Karl but at off grid , reading this ,through such statement…..I hope it makes you think… You are 23 that , explains it. You have to understand , that moving off grid is not going to give your freedom from loan or debt , if you do not learn first the responsibility of your actions. You have now recognized, your issue .Now you have to pay off debts and loans , learn what just happened, then take your 1000 $ and move on and make post just like your did now, with clean heard . Otherwise you dive into deep problems with Off grid people, you meet along ….. So the time (if you do this) where you pay off , what you have taken.. I mean doing the paying off period , take all the time you need , do not rush….First comes first !!! I have broken it down little politer. But am with Karl , repeating hes words “If you default on you debts, you will forever be a liar and a thief. If you read this and have no feel what we are talking about. Then you need an life translator or give it up living free, because you will not get , what it means to live free. So much for that . Wishing you good homework. We all dealing with the same ! One faster the other slower. What matters is you got it right, not how fast you got it. Mind your business only !

  13. Richard

    did you see the post below?

  14. karl

    Suck it up and pay off your debt! If you default on you debts, you will forever be a liar and a thief. when you are a fre man, then you can consider what it means to live free.