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I am Timmy a 28 year old male living in Florida currently. For the past 7 years I have dreamed of living off the grid. I am done running the rat race with my fellow man in this monetary system, I rather share and work together towards a common goal and create great friendships along the way. I was born and raised on a farm with horses goats and chickens leaving with knowledge and care for livestock, I can also ride as well. I am an avid hunter in florida. I also grow some of my own vegtables with the room i have. i am a very hard worker and dream to be free. i am saving for some land one day hopefuly, but if anyone has land or a community and see that my skills could fit in I would be possibly interested to cheak it out! I have some monetary funds saved up to purchace food and possible livestock or solar power. Feel free to emal me. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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18 Responses to “Looking to move off grid”

  1. BobbyKorona

    Clint…find your dream location……..if not let me know….have 10 acres

  2. clint

    Hello my name is clint , lm looking to move off grid asap I have money and the skills to provide. Anybody looking for off grid companionship ? 803 546 1951

  3. BobbyKorona

    Hello Tim
    Or anybody in East Central Florida around Bunnell … Have 10 acres…currently raising fish for food ….and organic gardens….Certified Aquaculture site last 4 years….have solar panels …batteries….over 2000feet 2″ PVC pipe……glass….fiber glass tanks…vinyl billboard tarps some 14x48feet…..
    homesteading my 88sq ft “home”?…..interested …. 32175w gmail com

  4. John D. Gunther

    Greetings Tim,
    I also live in FL where I still run my business of 17 years. I purchased two 80 acre parcels in NW Nevada. The purpose of the land is to create an off-grid community with extra land for ag or rental ag space…or more community. Just waiting on the right core group and funding for the well….then it’s GO time! Take a look at my site, and contact me from there if you are interested in talking more.

  5. Bill Rayl Jr

    Hi Tim there is a 35 acre propertyeast-southeast of Naples Florida with several buildings three or four of with her livablewith gardens already available the plant $195,000is a great property to share a community environment to potentially live off the grid

  6. Nia

    I am in Orlando Fl. I am curious Timmy where you ended up? If you still in Florida off the grid I would like to see if u wanna share the info you found on this adventure :)

  7. Cheryl

    Hi Timmy, We’re in southern Maine. Small family on 9 acres creating homestead/small farm. If you’d like to know more email me. Thanks

  8. MoonRavyn

    We are looking to start a community and u sound like u could fit. :) we have 40 acres in southern Colorado and it is raw virgin land, but we do have a well permit. It is flat land without trees, though we are going to remedy that. Please e-mail us at silvermistcp@gmail.com if u are interested in hearing more.

  9. newlife

    community valley, I am confused. If you live in the national forest somewhere and I think the forest is public land that does not belong to any individual, how can you offer up land for barter or to sell, when it is not yours to do so???

  10. Community Valley

    Hello Tim, hows it going. We may have the right place you are looking for. We live in the national forest. We hunt,fish,grow food,4-wheel. We are installing,solar ,water power sources. We have land to barter with or sell straight out. If your interested just e-mail me.

  11. Carolyn

    Hi Tim, I see you are in Ocala. I have two 1/4 acre lots side by side in Interlachen I can sell you for $2000.00 per lot or best offer. You can go off grid easy there. Live on one lot and rent the other. Taxes are less than $100.00 a yr. You are only 30 minutes from there and there are lots of people in the area doing the same and lots of farms and hunting there as you may know. I would be happy to show you the property.

  12. cornfed

    Oh cool, I did alot of exploring in Az last winter.40 acres is plenty, gonna need a well though I bet..hows the price?

  13. GMAHER

    40 acres with 2 bedroom home, solar, wind, and remote. Located in Az. for sale

  14. cornfed

    hey Tim, whats up man. I also have a post on this site ( Titled: tired of waiting to go off grid) I’ve been seeking out on off grid situation also, but finding those interested in the desired location has been the tricky part. Anyway, it takes talking to alot of different people before finding the right leads, which is exactly why Im posting to you.Might be worth while to touch base and talk some. My email tg2lynch@yahoo.com . Cheers man

  15. Heather

    Hey Tim, where are you looking to move to? Any preferences? I know of some very cheap land in northern NM, all off grid, that may interest you.

  16. Timmy1732

    Hey Rachel.. I am currently living in Ocala Florida

  17. rachel

    where are you at?