[before_listing id=297 images= youtube=null] We have been working on our off-grid retreat for 15 years. Will become our primary residence once we retire. Artist couple with interests in organic gardening, sustainable living and alternative buillding. Our cabin has been built mostly with reclaimed/salvaged materials.

Libertarian minded. Want the man to leave us aloan. We dance naked in the forest.[landbuddy_listing id=297 youtube=null]

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20 Responses to “Looking to meet like minded people in this area”

  1. mm

    I want to live off the grid. Hey, I remember a time when people visited. called. I live on four acres with a camper. sick of city. I garden well. looking for like minded people who enjoy nature. I live in the moutains.

  2. BobbyKorona

    Hi to all…..just found this site 2 weeks ago…have property South of St. Augustine , Florida …raising fish and setting up my hatchery next month 7/1/14……talk to me ….. 32175w@gmail.com

  3. langerj

    You’re home seems lovely. I’m 27 and set a date of going off the grid, which is tomorrow. I’m highly educated in medicine, and garden very well. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience (347)414-2113.

  4. Cabinman

    We seldom if ever go on-line anymore. Trying to maintain a small foot print and being off-grid we seldom can anyway without going in to town. In any case we a not looking for anyone to join us. Enjoying the hermit thing.

  5. CammieSkye

    very interested! please contact me cameron.sky1195@gmail.com <3CammieSkye

  6. Cornfed

    I gotta say, so far its been 9 times out of ten no communication what so ever from these posts. Whats the sense people????

  7. Cornfed

    Sounds like something We’d like to check out. Hey guys, my girl and I are also attempting to get situated off grid or at least get our camper wheels rolling that way. Two years now full time camping, was a good way to start the transition and now looking to take another step. Making contacts in suitable locations has been realy slow going. We have all the basic life suport to get started, camper , truck, tools , money and monthly income, its all there except the land and others to share the lifestyle with. Open to any feedback. Cheers, Tom & Marrilynn tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  8. DisillusionedVet

    I am a Libertarian living in the Syracuse area, would like to meet and see how everything was assembled and also to meet up with more LP members.
    Live Free,

  9. Jake

    I’m in central Fl. with my family and really want to find a group of people that shares our libertarian views. We are willing to relocate to the right OTG community, but don’t know where to start looking. Any ideas???

  10. Anthony

    Glen, How are you doing? Are you still OTG? Are you growing more efficiantly at your high altitude? If you still follow your post, I would like to e-mail with you. aclancy6@student.monroecc.edu

  11. glen

    anyone out there?
    I have been living off the map in colorado for a year now. It’s great BUT I know no one to share ideals and problems with. Gardening at 8500 ft is one problem. Got a greenhouse but mice eat my plants. I hope this spring it will be better. need help!

  12. Couchman

    Very interested in going off the grid in this area of upstate NY, can you please email me at couch.joshua@gmail.com

  13. thetoprabit

    Looking for like minded people interested in getting off the gird in north central florida. contact me at offthegridinncfl@aol.com

  14. Mark

    I’ve been wanting to live off grid for a couple years now. I’ve done extensive research on OtG living and have been participating with friends in building mock sites. I am an extremely hard worker and would just like an opportunity to live the life i’ve dreamed of. Please email me at cms.mnelson@gmail.com Thanks.

  15. Cabinman

    We will consider taking a studio apprentice over the summer or an individual or couple who are looking for an off grid experience in exchange for labor. Serious only need apply for summer of 2011.

  16. gab

    hallo , i am gab , the crazy german in florida . any one in my area ?? would like to find someone to learn from . i am in polk county , S of orlando , E of lakeland , W of vero .. in the middle of NOwhere . you can email me privately .

    thank you

  17. naina

    Hi Tom
    I am interested please contact me via email

  18. Tom

    If anybody is interested in living a community life in kerala, India, visit http://www.youtakeresponsibility.com.

  19. Cabinman

    Seeing a lot of traffic on our blog from this post.

    Please feel free to comment or ask questions either here or on the blog.

  20. Cabinman

    By this area I mean the Tug Hill region of New York State just north of Syracuse.


    Here is a link to our blog. You can see pictures of the place.