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Hello, my name is Jesse. I have been interested in living off the grid for a few years now and have not known how to get started. I am simply tired of living cheque to cheque working non stop just to pay it all to rent and food. I have primarily worked in landscape construction and also have some farming and carpentry experience. I would like to find some like minded people anywhere within BC (preferably within the Okanaga or Kootenays). I am a really easy going guy and get along with just about everyone. If you have some land and the need or interest of a person willing to work at self sustainablity, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


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2 Responses to “Looking to live off grid.”

  1. Joshua Moniz

    Hey there Jesse. You are not alone, let me start there. My name is Josh. I’ve been pondering this for almost 15 years and just now went through a divorce and i have no children. So the option has finally presented itself for me to capitalize on this opportunity. I have underground construction, carpentry, flooring, landscape, plumbing, aircraft and aerospace experience. I would love to speak with you more on your ideas. There is actually land out there that isn’t owned that is free to live off of jsyk. Lets talk Jesse!

  2. Chase

    I would like to live off grid as well, I also think I know a good spot in Canada that we could live in, or can switch. Please email me if you are interested.