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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi, Im a 37 yr old able bodied male, fit and strong, creative and hardworking. I’m looking to live off grid anywhere in the world with people who have a similar outlook. I would like to be a part of a community, travelling group who want to live off the grid and who are responsible for their actions, and share positive beleifs, so no constant heavy drinkers or careless desperado’s etc. I am looking to be with more spiritually minded folks who know whats what and are grounded in their way of life or looking to start a fresh. I am willing to work on a farm /labor for board /food etc. I would love to move to the USA, Colorado, or Utah or Canada also Southern Europe, Spain or India, I’m open basically and 100% committed. Since I was a child I had a calling to live closer to nature and the land and would like to be a part of a group /well established /newly forming group to be able to share and develop this. I am willing to travel with others. I’m friendly, creative, focused, like to be active and would love to make a newer life of grid.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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  1. chris

    Hi my name is Chris me and my family r looking for a group or like minded people to go off grid I have farm experience and have raised live stockpp and mechanic skills if there is anyone in need of more hands please contact me

  2. chris

    Hi my name is Chris I’m 32 married with two kidslooking for a group off grid I live in tn we r just tired of all the everyday drama and want to live off grid away from everything we r country and know alot bout wood heat and other things u need office grid if there is any group needing extra hands .and peacefull people email us

  3. Kirsten Mia

    We are looking for like minded people to journey to sustainability with in Southern Indiana. We are looking for property now.
    I started this facebook page to chronicle our journey to sustainability.
    Peace, Kirsten

  4. pam Todd

    We live in an rv and already learning to live off grid looking for community that’s starting or already started up would love to join .

  5. Amanda Lewis

    I’m looking to live off the grid with anyone who needs help farming or anything. I don’t care if there’s electric or not. I will pee and poop outside and wipe my butt with leaves. I’ll be your slave. Joke. No, I would really be a big help. I’m 24 years old but I don’t want to live in this society anymore. I have a car, apartment, nice paying job, cell phone, and everything I could ask for but I’m not happy at all. I’m a slave to society and I’m done and want to be finally free. I am willing to give up everything in a heart beat and I’m 100 percent serious. Living in the wilderness with a bunch of awesome people trying to survive is my dream. I know it’ll be hard but I’m on a mission to get out of this money hungry, government controlled society. I want to live simple. So if anyone is interested in me joining, email me at PS I have 7 years experience in the medical field. And I don’t complain.

  6. Brand

    As there been any luck with your search? I’ve recently been inquiring about living off the grid in a community that does not require any monetary value. Solely Barter based would be the best scenario for me. I’m pretty adept in most trades woodworking, construction, gardening, etc. I’d like to get into Tailoring and more Hunting. Please feel free to contact me

  7. Carmic

    I have already started here in Normandy France…I have goats, rabbits, geese, hens etc…it is my plan to go off-grid but I need like minded bodies to help make that happen…Is that you…???
    I am 57 years old and this place is amazing…I live mostly in the barter world but for obvious reasons need a few more folk contributing a minimum of 50 euros a week to keep this show on the road…That will include all expenses (food etc)…Why not come and join me…email if you are interested

  8. Rob Carr

    Hi my name is Rob and I’m 23 years old from northeast America. I too believe in being close to nature and working hard to earn a sustainable life that nature can provide. I am a positive thinker, I enjoy science and I would really fit in with a community of like-minded, spiritually connected people. My goal in life is to invest every resource that I can obtain into a perpetual system that will provide everything I need. The earth is in terrible shape and it truly bothers me. I cannot endorse a system that treats this beautiful planet in such a disdainful manner. Please, anyone, email me with any information regarding communities, resource sharing, or anything pertaining to off-grid living. Thank you!

  9. Greg

    I have read many of the posts and I feel the same way as many of the people on here. I am 36 and in good physical health. I live in toronto now but my family is from Nova Scotia and my dad was a but of a survival nut and taught me about hunting, fishing setting traps, and using what nature has provided not just to survive but to enjoy life. I think human greed has taken us far from the way things were supposed to be and we have lost our connection to nature. My parents have passed and there is nothing tying me to this broken system. I am determined to make a big change soon and am doing what I can to prepare.

  10. Mario

    Im from Michigan & I’m feeling just like all of you tired of working hard like a zombie living check to check tired of the unhealthy food we eat don’t know what we’re putting in our bodies people are becoming worse by the minute the economy is going down the drain just ready to get back to nature like God intended us to be grow our own food & all I’m also looking for off grid & homesteads

  11. Tucker

    I am single 37 years old. I live in western minnesota. I need something different in life. I have been walking around like a zombie my whole life keeping up with the jones. I am interested in off the grid community.

  12. james preston

    i am more than just interested im ganna do this but im not woods smart,,,,,,i am a survivor and am fed up with society and the hipocritacly way of the world today,no free rides i am skilled in manny ways and would like to trade my skills for new ones,as in what is safe to eat how to feild dress game,ext…..

  13. Chantelle

    I feel the same way. I am a 28 year old mother of three. Unfortunately I’ve been pained by society for I am only currently living with one. Today’s society has made it damn near impossible for families to stay together. My fiancé and I have four children together of which one we share. He too has been ripped away from his eldest. We are tired of working hard and having nothing to show for it. Does anyone know of any communities around the New England area? We have high hopes of one day uniting our family but with our current living situation that isn’t going to be anytime soon. Please help if you can.

  14. Melissa

    You can contact me at Looking to get away from all this.

  15. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa my family and i would very much like to live in a community where we live off the land. Where people grow gardens and help one another out. Who put there resources together for the grater good of everyone in the community. Would love to get in touch with nature and all it has to offer. I’m tired of getting up and going to work everyday and doing over time to just barley make it by. I would love to wake up help out the community in anyway that i could. I could still spend time with my family in stead of leaving my daughter everyday to go work a job that i hate because of the people and there beliefs that this is the way life is. It doesn’t have to be like this. Life wasn’t meant to wake up and go work for someone who doesn’t care about you or your family. I want to experience life to the fullest. Knowing i could wake up everyday and just live. I have a daughter that i would love for her to grow up around caring people who want the best for everyone. To show her there is still good in this world. To show her she doesn’t have to confide to what everyone else thinks is right. I want her to think for herself make her own choices in life not someone telling her she has to go to school to get a education to get a good job so she could have things in life. The basics is all we would need and it would be wonderful to live where everyone shares the same thing and is not judging you or calling you crazy because we don’t want what they want.


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