Hi! My name is Branden and I’m 33 years of age from the VA area. I’m looking for leaders that are currently interested in living off grid to build a community structure. The community doesn’t have to be in VA just in a location where we can thrive in nature. I’ve spent almost ten years in the military and have many skills. Ultimately, Just looking for like minded individuals to journey into a higher quality of life.

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8 Responses to “Looking to live off grid”

  1. Sabrina Walker

    Hi I’m definitely interested please contact me sabrinawalker1989@gmail.com

    • Branden1

      Good day Sabrina,

      This is Branden from the off grid site. Are you still interested in off grid living? I’ve been making life adjustments and didn’t notice your reply.

      Peace and balance!

  2. Gen Agustsson

    i was looking for answers to the ecological problems for years and i found out about off grid living a while ago. i pretty fed up with so-called united states cause of gmos and all other forms of problems plus it’s overruled under dictator trump.

  3. Cheyenne

    I am a female that’s looking for a life partner to go off grid with. I will have some funds to supply the dream, and enjoy the labor/work that goes into it. Native American mixed, and current society of money/material greed etc is definitely not what I want for my life. To me, off grid self-sustainable is the way it was meant to be. I am an alternative/natural healer, so that’s just an added plus. I would like warmer weather climate year-round. Ready to get started immediately. I don’t want to wait months or years with someone, to keep dreaming and not achieving it. Not really looking for a man already in his 50’s and beyond, preferably younger, but open. We can chat over the phone if compatible with each other. Please get a hold of me at…

    • Branden1

      Hi, sorry for the late reply. Are you still looking to go off grid?

  4. Christopher Rivers

    Hello, my name is Christopher. I am trying to find a plot of land to build my homestead this year (2019). I would very much like to talk to you about Virginia. I’m looking for unincorporated county’s that have no building and zoning codes. I have a YouTube channel called,…Forever North’s Sanctuary. You will see by my channel that I am very serous about moving off grid. Please use any of the links in the description to contact me or call 207-313-6800. Blessings North

    • Branden1

      Hi, I know I’m late with my reply. I had to make some life adjustments. Are you currently off grid?