[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/f4a0b649625789abefe747d05895c0a8.jpg youtube=null] I am a beginner in my research of living an off-grid lifestyle. I reject the big system that seems to have no real accountability measures in place. My dream is to live in a mortgage free “tiny house” and work land raising organic fruits, vegetables, and livestock. I would also like to incorporate fish and game to my provisions. For services I am unable to provide for myself I would like the benefit of my payment to ultimately land on a local’s table rather than in the pocket of a greedy CEO. I am looking to be taught, I am a student homesteader in search of practical knowledge that will enable me to live in a more self-reliant manner. I work as a nurses aid and attend nursing school. I have an army background and my hobbies include ham radio, gardening,hunting,fishing,camping,hiking,and wood working.[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/f4a0b649625789abefe747d05895c0a8.jpg youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Looking to learn anything that will promote self-sufficiency”

  1. Kyle

    I have some information that might help. email me at compprogman@hotmail.com

  2. James

    I have land outside of Erin, TN and looking to meet people who can join me in living off the grid. If you are interested, email me at jameslegra@live.com

  3. Dessa

    We are in your neck of the woods, so to speak. We are looking at many ways to get off the grid also and have learned many things but need to learn much more.

  4. Carol Camper

    Hi Mike, I love the idea of living off grid and like you am learning everything I can. I think I could transition easily and would someday like to teach others what I have learned. I’m in northern Illinois. I’m glad to see that their are other like minded people out there. Keep learning and make it happen.

  5. KEJ_1013

    hey mike, I also am interested in offgrid living. I am currently a mechanic in the army stationed in Okinawa Japan. Its amazing how many veterans are wanting to go off grid.