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23 years old female  wanting to gain first hand experience of what it takes to live off-grid, sustainably, legally and with a low carbon footprint. From the UK, love to travel, explore and be productive.

What I can offer: Cooking, cleaning, grafting, gardening, general upkeep of a premises, ideas and a smile! Not shy of a challenge, to learn new skills, be of help and involved in whatever needs doing.

Would love to meet various kinds of people that are working towards being as eco-friendly as possible in hope that I will achieve it myself one day. Prepared to travel around Europe to meet others in exchange for accomodation, work and experience in how you live.

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4 Responses to “Looking to learn about the off-grid lifestyle”

  1. Gianfranco

    We are an older couple who live in the U.K. but we have a homestead in S.Italy 1.5km to a village, we are looking for some one who will cut the grass near the houses and the barn so that everything looks nice and tidy. Ideally a young person who can have a friend or children or dogs or horses and we could even consider a long term agreement.
    We have two houses and a barn on 7ha plot. You could have one house (at present off the grid) and keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area. Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com for more info, or tell a friend

  2. Sabrina Walker

    Hi my names Sabrina. I have similar interests. I would like to become friends. Contact me Sabrinawalker771@gmail.com

  3. George


    I’m in the exact same boat and also 23 in the UK (male). Would be nice to chat to someone in the same situation and mindset and maybe look at volunteering somewhere together in the future or just share ideas?

    • Hts


      Thank you for the response. That’s great news! I’m relatively new to how this website works. I’ll see if I can contact you directly.

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