I’m a female in my 20s looking to join and off-grid community  – ideally somewhere in Western Europe (Portugal, France or Spain?).  I would like to join a mixed community but with a strong female presence, and I’d need to be taught a fair bit beyond the basic survival skills.   I know basic French but I’m also willing and keen to pick up languages if needs be.

I’m easygoing and get on with anyone. 

Let me know if you can help! 

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5 Responses to “Looking to join an off-grid community in Europe”

  1. Alan

    Hi Ashley,

    I am looking to share some land where I can build a small Eco house to escape the UK winter , would that be something we could talk about ?

    Kind regards


  2. Laurie l Kekil

    im interested in joining a community

  3. Tom mcglone

    I am retiring soon and wish to live honestly and free from the psycho fashion of modern life. Tom

  4. Ashley

    Hello I’m in southern Spain and alone, i have 44acres and keep cows. Any nice people are welcome.

    • Vanessa

      Hey! I am also a woman in my 20s – I d be very interested in trying out off grid living by helping at your farm! Could you contact me via email (squarehexaflexagon@gmail.com) if you could imagine such an arrangement? Greetings, V.