[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I’m 20 year old female and I want to join a community in Washington state. I grew up in Slovakia, Europe where I worked on farms and whatnot. I’m a quick learner and a hard worker!

Just want to get away from this materialistic life.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Looking to join a community”

  1. Andrea

    Interested in talking with others about off grid living, tiny houses, etc.

  2. Dan

    Are you still looking?

  3. brad

    we are a young couple in west seattle renting an apartment we built together and the lease will be ending sep 2016 we are both artists and are both working on upcycling and sustainability in our products as well as living a sustainable healthy lifestyle we would love to join a commune in WA thanks 206 291 8567

  4. Fred Seton

    We are now building a workers cooperative tiny house village, with several tiny to almost tiny timber frame houses and a central dining/kitchen/theater/laundry/freezer. The central building will contain a clean burning high efficiency biomass co-generation plant that will heat all of the houses and central building with radiant floor heat plus generate electricity. Most furnishings, widows, doors and such will be recycled from Habitat for Humanity. This will be combined with a large grid-tie solar system, with the object of producing more electricity then the village uses. All toilets will be composting sawdust type. To conserve land use and encourage a community atmosphere house will be clustered close, at least one meal a day will be shared. Only walking and small electric carts will be used in the village. Green houses and gardens will grow most of the food needed year around, also generating a surplus to share. The shops used for manufacturing are about six hundred feet from the village. The business’s have internet service, with no Wi-Fi or Cell Phone service in the Village. There are four successful business’s now operating on the site, http://www.radiantdesigninstitute.com, http://www.rohor.com, http://www.heatingmanifolds.com and http://www.montanastove.com. With a new startup of http://www.hexaloghomes.com which is now building the Tamarack Village little houses. My wish is to turn these present business’s into a sustainable Co-operative supporting the village and future of families working there. Fred Seton, fredseton@hotmail.com, 406-295-9902

  5. Mickey

    Hello I am retired Forest ranger I have built three ranches and did almost all of my own work I have a degree in animal husbandry I think I have a lot to offer a community i’ve been researching the tiny houses for some time now and I’m just about ready to leave the city for my last time would like to get more info about your community so drop me a line thank you for your time

  6. Dan

    We are starting a commune ourselves. 68 acres in Lewis county, just need help to get everything running. If you’d like to join us, contact me and we’ll talk more about it.

  7. Kathleen Trmblw

    I want to go off grid.

  8. Kathleen Trmblw

    Just really want to go ahead and get info to join, what is the cost? What is the process? 68 575 1969

  9. diannamarsolek

    we are in yacolt wa and have a 17 acre farm
    diannamarsolek @yahoo.com

  10. Copman137

    Not in Washington but check out our post and email if your interested.

  11. ricka

    as you me and my family of 5 is wanting to do the same we skill’s in cooking and servile skills that well come in handy( why pay money for what the lord has giving us for free)