24 years young and I am not interested in living in a totalitarian government! I want to join or start a community that lives by the moral obligation! This land is as much as mine as the next person and I’m tired of watching my generation not care about were this world is going! Skin color, war and religion are segregation tools! I want to human species to thrive not just survive! Most of the world is barely surviving! The food water and education is all poisoned! Diseases are at an all time high! Most diseases are because of years of conditioning the body with toxic harmful MAN MADE chemicals! Invisible diseases skyrocketing is a war crime on the human species in the US! I would live to be apart of a naturalist community that has doctors specialized in herbal medicine, farmers growing only GMO free foods and watering crops with fluoride free. Just the community joining together to share and realize we are all the same!

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