24 years young and I am not interested in living in a totalitarian government! I want to join or start a community that lives by the moral obligation! This land is as much as mine as the next person and I’m tired of watching my generation not care about were this world is going! Skin color, war and religion are segregation tools! I want to human species to thrive not just survive! Most of the world is barely surviving! The food water and education is all poisoned! Diseases are at an all time high! Most diseases are because of years of conditioning the body with toxic harmful MAN MADE chemicals! Invisible diseases skyrocketing is a war crime on the human species in the US! I would live to be apart of a naturalist community that has doctors specialized in herbal medicine, farmers growing only GMO free foods and watering crops with fluoride free. Just the community joining together to share and realize we are all the same!

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10 Responses to “Looking to join a community”

  1. Scruffy

    I just placed an ad in the land buddy section. If it fits your goals, we can talk about it. Number one thing about Dirtwater, I prefer to leave the world problems off property.

  2. Zachary

    23 Years old. Medical. Military. Looking at college for Forestry upon getting out. Have money saved. Looking at going up north. In Maine I’ve seen 100 Acres for as low as 25 or 30k. I plan to grow own food. Live a simple, peaceful, spiritual life. I want to plant trees and shape them as they grow. Creates art. I intend to also protect said land from tree felling, oil drilling or water damming. I have a lot to tell you, and think we have very similar ideas! Shoot me a message. I am planning on going off grid in the near future. Need small group. Forgottencall@gmail.com

  3. `Brad

    Anyone made it off grid yet?

  4. court9

    I’m new and was wondering how to message certain people? I’m interested in a few people’s comments and would like to talk. thank you :-)

  5. nina

    I’m in the midst of collecting a group to move to Michigan. 120 acres. The property will be all self sustaining and have farm to table kitchen. Anyone who is interested in being a part of this should message me. We are all young and ready to build something amazing for us all.

  6. Nemo

    26 years young here, from Eastern North Carolina;

    I too hold much of the same views. I don’t really have anything to offer when it comes to land or pretty much anything material for that matter besides books being a book worm and all :P I don’t have many possessions.

    But what I do have to offer is a big heart, altruistic companionship, and the will to accomplish a shared vision with a potential kick-ass person such as yourself..

    I’d be interested in living on a sailboat, rubber tramping, building a tumbleweed home, hoofing it on foot with a back pack and no money, living through the dulling lulls of capitalistic society, working “throw-away” jobs just to save money to by land etc. etc. Completely open to any and everything; You get the idea.

    I would be interested in chatting with you to bounce ideas off of one another,

    I’d be more interested in actually ACTING upon these desires to be free and bringing these ideas to fruition.
    Much Love!


  7. Dan

    I live in beautiful B.C. Canada, Ihave lived off grid for 12yrs now. I am right on a lake in the mountains but still only 35mins from the city, and have full cell service/Internet. I have hosted a few travelers over the years (some which have left some very nice comments here). I do not know where you are located, but my current guest from Sweden is leaving in Sept and I have a space opening up. Dan.

  8. jordan

    I feel the exact same way. I am new to this website and believe that I can contribute a lot to anybody community. This lifestyle is not what I’m looking for. Please get into contact with me

  9. John

    I have a community you could join, let me know how to contact you so we can discuss it more.

  10. Olliep

    Sounds good to me. Im in New Mexico if you are interested. Page: p.ollice@yahoo.com