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[before_listing images= youtube=null] i am in my 50’s, smoker, non drinker, meat eater, 3 small dogs, my own tent, car, car top carrier, limited income. looking to go off the grid in the next two months.

i am looking for a place to put up my tent, live quietly, use wood fires, will need watersource near.

areas i am interested in are: deep south, texas, new mexico, arizona, flexible about location.

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13 Responses to “looking to go off the grid”

  1. mark

    kim w. are you still looking? we are a family of four

  2. Puppymama

    Hey, leave me out of this one. Not looking for husband, boyfriend, drama, drugs, nutcases. I’m good thanks. Basically, I google all myself, been cooking from scratch my entire life. I have serious gardening skills. But I have been contacted by so many headcases from this ad, i’m going my own way. Peace out.

  3. yaya land

    i’m looking for a man, or communal living, for long term companionship, with common interests such as swimming, kayaking, hiking, camping, and possible off grid living.

    i’m a 52 and am easy on the eyes. i can contribute in a variety of ways. i have 3 sit-on kayaks…2 small, and one larger. i have limited camping gear, water purifation sports bottles, and my fair share of common sense.

    i have three dogs…one is an old, mixed chocolate lab; one is a 2 yr old chihauhau; one is a 2 yr old male pom mix. they go where i go. i rescued them and they have, in turn, rescued me.

    i don’t watch tv, dispise traffic, and simply can’t stand huge crowds. i suck at dancing and don’t drink, so that removes the bar scene for me. i am a homebody by nature and believe strongly in fidelity, monogamy, honesty, fairness. i am not interested in anyone with traits such as aggression, heavy handed behavior, or the inability to consider things that are outside of one’s own conception.

    i google everyone i meet….don’t we all? so, with that, i insist that you are not on any sex offender lists and have no arrests for ANY violent crimes. if you are into ‘soft’ drugs, such as pot, i can deal with that. if you are into ‘hard’ drugs, such as meth, crack, coke, heroine, etc… please don’t just pass me by, run and do it quickly.

    i am not a stalker, nor am i a cougar. i am, though, a bit of a quirk. i like making my own butter and eating salads of rose petals and crimson clover. by the way, i don’t care to hang with fanatics of any kind, be it political, religious, ethnic, or any others i may have left out. sorry to be offensive, but i’d just as soon cut to the chase. i’m also not into any of the bdsm scene….thanks, but i’ll pass on pain, both the giving and the taking.

    please don’t assume that by seeking friends on a public forum that i am desperate. i absolutely am not. it is infinitely better to be alone than to be with the wrong person or people.

    i will be available to leave my are in the middle of november and am seeking information and contacts prior to that time.

    contact info is yayas.lands@gmail.com.

    thanks and peace.

  4. cornfed

    michelle38: Just read your post,and seems we’re on the same path. My girlfriend and I, both in our mid 40’s , are also looking to organize with a good peaceful group in an off grid way. There is much we can bring to a table,including money, power equipment , tools , most everything needed to get started:) its just been a matter of finding the right people. We’ve been off grid somewhat by ourselves for two years now in a camper, and looking to step it up a few notches with something more communal. Feel free to touch base with an email, we’d love to chat some. Cheers and best wishes ( tg2lynch@yahoo.com)

  5. Marie2013

    michelle38 – is there a particular state you are looking at? Or do you plan on trying to stay in CA. This is something I want to do, and of course at the same time, afraid to do alone. my email: bluejeangirl06@yahoo.com

  6. michelle38

    Hello all, my name is Michelle my partner Angela & I are in our mid & late 30’s. We have been wanting to go off the grid for several years now, but do to not being able to find land here in Southern California that fit our financial budget and homestead needs, land is very expensive here in California and finding land with well and septic is costly and rare….I recently found out that I will be laid off from my job in April 2013….So we’ve decided to just take that as an opportunity and find us some land, 1 to 5 acres looking for owner financing……We haven’t met any other good people looking to live off the grid..my plans are to raise our own food by gardening and eating everything we grow and possibly sell at the local farmers markets, also raise chickens for eggs, goats for milk and cheese, possible cow for milk,butter,cheese,bee keeping for our honey. Angela makes soap, lotion,lip balm all homemade and All Natural! she’s an excellent knitter she knits my winter hats,scarfs,oven mitts and our blankets,she also makes candles, oil burner shots….We are good people, helpful,friendly,honest and humbled….We are looking for others who are on this journey into off the grid living. Hope to here from some good people soon! Until then happy homesteading!

  7. vafancudo

    I am also wanting some info about how to go about going off the grid, and am wanting to also get info about joining a community.

    Please email me at drthurman301@Yahoo.com

  8. vafancudo

    52 year old male currently in Texas looking to start life over and live off the grid.
    I am hardworking, have my own tent, and ready at any time

    Please contact at drthurman301@Yahoo.com

  9. puppymomma

    get a hold of me, sounds great. are you clear on that i have a full sized chihuahua (older dog), and two young puppies? contact me at stephanieb801@gmail.com

  10. Kim W

    Puppymama, We very recently bought 3 acres outside of Truth or Consequences, NM. We have lots of plans to get off grid as well as becoming a small sustainable & lightly profitable Farm. We have been considering looking for someone that can help get the work done in exchange for a small living area off of the garage/workshop area. If this sounds like something you are interested in and are up to some physical labor let me know.

  11. puppymama

    living situation blowing up faster than expected. think i am going on the road and off grid by jan 2013

  12. rachelmc

    looking to go off grid too. message me at rachelmc62@yahoo.com

  13. devinesoulgroup

    message me at maxbuxx@yahoo.com I am wanting to go off grid in Arizona just need help finding a place! I would like somewhere in the woods/forest, I have my own tent, a couple tools, solar shower, cooler ……

    there are a few of us going all different ages that way just need a place!