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We’re looking into the possiblity of going off-grid in the South West of the UK……anyone else who has done it, or looking to do it, want to get in touch for exchange of info etc?

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13 Responses to “Looking to go off-grid”

  1. milos

    more than three years since the first post here…
    i’m curious… how are you all doing?

  2. roma

    I have been looking to rent (as cannot afford to buy) a place to live off grid for some time now. I am a paraplegic wheelchair bound woman… very independent and capable. On my own now as partner passed away last year. I just want to live a peaceful existence off grid with my horse. I enjoy growing food, using and preparing herbal remedies and taking care of animals. It would be good to find somewhere that could be accessible and workable… hopefully in a place with like minded people. I have been looking at the Dartmoor area or somewhere similar, rural and elevated.

    Any ideas?


  3. newgaia

    Hi, I am looking to go off-grid in the south-west of England, Either Somerset, Devon or Cornwall would be fine. If anyone – my email is Newgaia8@gmail.com

  4. Zim

    Hi there, I am based in South Wales at the moment but I am looking for a small community thats starting up, if you guys would like, give me a yell on rowdyrhodie@gmail.com.

  5. dino conticini

    I’m looking for any information on collective farming communities in Western Europe … Are There Any ?

  6. Jo Lloyd

    I am looking at this route way of living. I would really like some more info and to find out if anything is going on in Cornwall. Feel community living is the way forward.
    Any info very much appreciated.

  7. davidpopely

    Mark, if you’re out there, please could you get in touch and maybe we can talk? davidpopely@googlemail.com

  8. Mark

    I realise that it’s been some time since this post but here’s hoping. My partner and I are looking at this route and wondering if you have managed to achieve your goal. All the best, Mark

  9. Dmitry Guskov

    We are trying to follow Lammas success and build a similar low-impact off-grid settlement in Somerset – please see http://www.plotgate.org.uk for more details.

  10. Gavin

    I am also looking in the South West


  11. Simon

    Hi a new site has recently been opened in Woolwich (east london) which may interest you and we are looking for any new people who would like to get involved.

    Address is

    1-7 Pier Road, North Woolwich, E16

    DLR: King George V
    Rail: Woolwich Arsenal

    why not call us up for a chat?

    07864845803, 07727046200

    Good Luck!


  12. Pink Moon

    hi there,
    looking for the same…
    my email is pezzle101@gmail.com
    best wishes

  13. Dylan

    I’m looking at doing exactly the same – my email is dylan.greenfield@gmail.com , if you’d like to explore the possibilities of joining forces, please send me an email and we’ll take it from there!
    All the best,