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[before_listing id=312 images= youtube=null] Hello my name is Richard I am 32 year old man and I want to go off the grid in two years once I finish school. I looking to buy a 18 to 25ft rv trailer and add solar power to it, with a back up 2000 watt portable generator. I will also be buying a SUV of some type either Jeep, 4Runner, or explorer. I have 11 years military service six army and five coast guard. Please feel free to email me at evolowe@aol.com “off grid” in subject line please I want to text it out for six months to a year, than back home and make need modifications and than go back off the grid for good. [landbuddy_listing id=312 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Looking to go off grid with someone in two years”

  1. evolowe

    It means to be self sustain and free from commercial grid; like electricity, water and sewage. You would produce your own electricity by using solar, hydro or wind; you would use a composting toilet for your sewage issues.

  2. evolowe

    It means to be self sustain and free from commercial grid; like electricity, water and sewage. You would produce your own electricity by using solar, hydro or wind; you would use

  3. Michel

    Can someone please explain exactly what living off-grid is?

  4. Bill

    Try to remember that there are more than one grid, and to truly go off-grid you must plan a lifestyle that eliminates dependence on the biggest one – oil. There are 12 calories of oil energy in every food calorie eaten in the developed world – fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipment, transportation, etc. Given that global oil production ‘flatlined’ in 2005 and will only decline from some point in the near future, an off-grid lifestyle that involves importing food from beyond bicycle range and backup generators that are not hydro powered isn’t sustainable. We’re not facing something a survival capability can deal with, since the future is forever, not a short term event after which things will go back to normal when the Martians arrive to sell the planet more oil… :)

    True off-grid living requires a lot of planning in the selection of the land and community of neighbors nearby who will be able to establish a true local economy.

  5. Dan

    I’m trying to go off the grid my self except i can do it pretty much anytime i like i wouldn’t mind traveling with someone else i have survival training am certified in first aid i know how to hunt fish,make fire,Skin tan hide,create a shelter,identify and harvest prepare and eat wild plants…Etc. If anyone is truly interested E-mail me. I’m just saveing up enough for some starting supplies then im omw. I figured im heaeded to blm land so that way i dont get into trouble for trespassing. would be fun with a small group who know what there doing or are at least woods smart. Lemme know if anyones truly interested. Strykeforce2003@yahoo.com.

  6. lruss

    Hi Richard,
    I just placed a comment but for some reason it did not show up so if it does – forgive the duplicate.
    My name Leo, and here is the site of an existing community http://www.vedrica.org. See if this is what you are looking for, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions: leoruss7@gmail.com

  7. Cabinman

    I too am referring to the economic situation. I don’t put much stock in that Mayan calender thing, but I don’t thing a lot of people realize that we are right on the edge and it won’t take much for things to get bad and fast. Let’s hope not!

    Good Luck!

  8. evolowe

    Thanks man, if you are referring to 2012, than I not a believer of that. I am paying more attention to economic situations around the world, that may force me to buy some things a lot earlier.

  9. Carol

    Good luck and keep posting your progress. If we have that long, we will be going off-grid in five years. We live close by in Sarasota so I will be interested to see how things go for you!

  10. Cabinman

    You are on the right track but remember there is no ideal or perfect situation. Get started, remain flexible and let it evolve. I understand wanting to wait but in my humble opinion we may not have two years before TSHTF. Once TSHTF you will pretty much be stuck where ever it is that you are. Nobody knows when or if things are going to get ugly but I’m guessing it may likely happen in the next two years. Who really knows, but I’m not taking any chances. Good Luck!