[before_listing id=408 images= youtube=null] Medically retired but able-bodied and multi skilled,been living in a modern trailer with my dog for 5 years, scraping a living writing and from photography, living ‘almost’ off-grid and looking to move to somewhere I can go fully off-grid over a reasonable time anywhere rural and remote in the UK.

I have a limited income and insufficient funds to purchase so basically looking to rent either a small acreage of agro land or woodland or possibly share cost of renting larger land area or rent of small farm or collection of buildings suitable for off-grid conversion and independent living with like minded individual/s wanting to go off-grid and create a small self sustaining community subject to landlord/authority permissions.

I have my feet fair and square on the ground and not into any airy fairy warm and woolly religious community based nonsense, just a desire to escape the worst aspects of modern life while using some of the best modern green technology and permaculture ideas available.

So feel free to drop me a message
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12 Responses to “looking to go Off-grid UK”

  1. aringofbrightwater

    Hi Freddy,I wish it was that simple.The fact is most planning authorities do not just allow you to do what ever you want even if you as an individual or as group owners own the land outright.I can think of only a handful of councils with a slightly more enlightened approach and even then, the groups trying to establish eco or sustainable communities have to jump through increasingly higher hoops to allow their communities to continue and they are communities where the impact on the landscape would be minimal and even less intrusive than simply going off-grid, such as building with local natural materials and not using modern technology.If you want examples and to read the planning nightmares involved for just those eco sustainable communities check out LAMMAS in Wales or the LILI (low impact living initiative) or Hartwood websites -I’m in all of those and I can tell you from experience -it isn’t simple or easy.
    The majority of people in the UK interested in living- like we in the off-grid world dream of- eventually move to countries like Spain or Portugal or Bulgaria who are less bureaucratic and more conducive to allowing people to live off-grid or eco sustainably(not to mention the weather is far better and less need for heating systems) but there are other considerations there like huge unemployment but really that isn’t so important if you can generate your own power and grow your own food.The UK however simply does not like alternative lifestyles such as we want -put simply- to avoid politics- our mainstream political class prefer us to be enslaved forever to the corporate utilities,tax system and financial institutions.We are in the UK not even allowed to live -‘on the road’ as mobile ‘free spirits’ which is seen as ‘anti-social’ and unless you have a fixed address you are penalised in so many ways and denied essentials like mandatory vehicle insurance, GP’s, etc etc …so while your suggestion is totally sound and a concept a lot of us think of initially, it simply is not a satisfatory option in the UK.
    OK, some people get away with living how they want on plots of land they buy or rent with no planning permission but its generally only for a short time before the local authorities catch up and evict people.They use satellite and aerial imagery a lot now to check for illegal developments so its harder and harder to get away with.
    Ideally though, it would be good to do all this legal and above board but sadly the UK is not the place to do it until or unles there is a huge rethink in the political system and planning regulation…which to be honest I cannot see happening.I dreamed of it happening 30 years ago,it still hasn’t changed.
    I think the only groups who succeed in a certain amount of autonomy are closed communal or religious communities but then you are back to the concept of being tied to the edicts of planning, tax system and utilities-even people who live on boats are subject to mandatory licensing and mooring fees etc …I agree that the only answer is to join together to share ideas and support and probably the only way we will ever change things here but don’t expect miraculous change in the UK that does not normally happen here. Its hard to keep or form any lasting interest groups in the UK also,for the simple reason that the young and enthusiastic off gridders (those who don’t simply want to live in a typical normal house and install solar panels and by virtue call themselves off grid) mostly go to Europe or North / South America or elsewhere. Ive been living semi-off grid for 7 years and would love to find somewhere on my own or communlly to go totally off-grid but increasingly I am coming to the conclusion I need to move to Spain or Portugal to make this a reality……thanks for the message,Freddy,feel free to email me if you wish or want more info on the organisations I mentioned.

  2. Freddy Patterson

    Hi all, I would love to live off the grid but like most on this site planning laws and land prices beat me. But this is only a suggestion why don’t a group of people get together and buy a big plot of land or a forest and live there off grid.

  3. aringofbrightwater

    I would add to the above comments Paul by saying I get away living off-grid the way I do by staying on the move and I also have a couple of friends with land and no nosey neighbours where I can stop for longer periods if I choose…If that is how you wish to live them you will find Scotland or most of Europe way easier to live like that than England and Wales.I have some friends who spend almost their entire lives in crawling around Europe stopping where they choose and some like me who do so in Scotland…the only hassle I usually get is with the very occasional passing (mostly drunken) yobs who think its fun to try and intimidate you in the middle of the night so I tend to park where there are other wildcampers nearby or where its unlikely I will be noticed. But they do not tend to hang around when they see the size of my huge dog who travels with me lol
    As for systems for living off- grid,don’t bother buying anything from caravan or boating stores in the UK that sell supposedly purpose designed systems for long periods away from utilities, they just will happily rip you off for a mostly wholly inadequate and hugely expensive system-especially anything wind powered.The best systems are American and although you will have to add import duty and VAT to the cost of anything you buy from the US it will be worth it and the systems ive used or come across are A1 not cheap Chinese rubbish (though admittedly its hard for anyone to beat the low price of Chinese built solar panels) I can happily point to suitable supplier websites-if not already mentioned on this site-if you pm me…again good luck.

  4. aringofbrightwater

    Hello Paul…the simple answer is no I don’t get moved on by landowners but I don’t stay around long enough to be told to.The situation is complicated in the UK.In Scotland you have a right to stop overnight in most places for ‘wildcamping’ so its rare to get moved unless you park in a stupid place and cause an obstruction or nuisance to landowners or community.In England and Wales there is no right at all to stop anywhere but on authorised sites with planning permission allowing caravas or motorhomes.You need planning permission to live in a vehicle or caravan on any land- including land you own yourself- for more than 28 days a year…unless you own a smallholding with livestock or woodland and can justify to the local authority that you need to live on the land for a legitimate reason ie looking after the livestock or security or the woodland you will in all probability not get planning permission and its very much dependent on the respective local authority and their attitude to development.West Wales and South West England have a more enlightened approach but nothing is guaranteed and any permission usually has numerous hoops and higher bars to jump to maintain permission.Probably the simple approch if you have sufficient money is to buy your own rural home and convert it to off-grid systems than try to buy land and live in a motorhome or caravan…many get away with doing so for a while but its harder now with the councils employing satellite imagery data to spot unauthorised habitation or development to get away with such a lifestyle….and you can always rely on the local NIMBY’s and those prejudiced against others who live alternative lifestyles to be happy report you if you try.Its a little easier to live off-grid on the UK canal/inland waterways system so long as you comply with the regular certifications and permits required….but put simply the UK is not a friendly place for those of us who want to live an alternative lifestyle not tied to the ‘establishments’ view of whats normal ie tied to mortgages, council tax,planning approval and extortionate utilities bills and cannot do anything without their say so.If I was younger I wouldn’t be here, I would move to a more off-grid friendly country where you are allowed to do more or less what you want on your own land. Thanks for the comment and good luck with your future plans.

  5. paul of the family hogan

    Hello I would love to go off the grid ill have inheritance soon and want to get away from the new world order, my question is are you moved on by land owners all the time?
    Best regards
    Be Well to you.
    paul of the family hogan

  6. aringofbrightwater

    Thanks to all have responded in the last few months and apologies for not replying thanks to having lost control of my hotmail account curtesy of hackers….anyway to update…Sam-no satisfactory progress so far,still looking for land but determined to continue with my intentions,currently spending time gathering necessary technology for full off grid living on a strict budget while searching for a permanent land base.Finding the necessary land in the UK is the main (huge) obstacle thanks to (A)land prices(B)planning laws(C)general opposition to anyone who seeks to live a less ordinary life AKA NIMBY snobbery…but thats never stopped me from pushing on regardless.
    Tina/Pete/Nicola/Sam/Heedles – If pooling ideas/resourcefulness to bring about what we are each looking for then I am happy to look at any joint project….again tho it comes down to land…without it,options are limited.The good news is things are looking up for sustainable eco development projects,particularly in Wales and Scotland.

  7. nicola

    Hello there – how is this venture going ?? i’m really keen to join in . ive a 5yr old son and a dog. we have friends who are off the grid who we hang out with a lot. would love to hear more about your plans/ is there space for new people to join ?? blessings Nicola

  8. Pete

    Also looking to drop beneath the radar. Currently grow about 25-30 per cent of food, brew beer, make wine and all the usual make do stuff. We have a property, but even with that planning and the rules and regs of existence make going off grid difficult and costly. Looking at slipping between the planning laws in some way. We really need more people in UK to do this, it’s the only way we can make it and keep our values in tact. Good luck everyone!

  9. Tina

    Hi all,
    just started looking at pieces of land in mid powys as its still quite cheap and is very beautiful. Can let you know how it goes as myself, my friend, my dogs and ferret would be interested in sharing the space with like minded people …

  10. Sam

    How has this gone? Has there been much development and do you see much development in the near future?
    I would be really interested to know!


  11. paul

    Look up Hunga island or Cocomo village may give you somthing to think about…cheers

  12. Heedles

    Hello Aringofbrightwater,

    I have similar hopes as in a none dogmatic simple community would be my dream. Like yourself I’m not loaded, pay my way from bits of drumming, writing, whatever here and there. Trying to find myself a spot of land away from prying eyes to try off-grid/permaculture methods and learn from the results guide me not people’s preconceptions about what’s ‘fair’ etc. Anyway thanks for that, it felt gooood.