My name is Jacob Hetcel, I am very intrigued by the ideas of living off the land. I have learned over the years to Love this Earth. What I am looking for is a community that needs members, or someone to start a community or anything with me. I am extremely open to all ideas. I have grown up in the woods and know how to survive. I have also worked on a horse ranch. Also I have adapted many mechanical and construction skills. Please email me at

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33 Responses to “Looking to go off grid or start Community”

  1. Dan

    I have been interested in OTG lifestyle for a couple years now and really enjoy the idea of it. I have held a handful of jobs including woodworking which I was pretty darn good at. I am a hard worker and quick to learn. I traveled a bit in the US and lived in China for a little over 6 months and arrived back near family in the Chicago suburbs. I recently got a job doing something I strongly dislike, but my motorcycle payments aren’t going to pay themselves… I’m not quite financially ready to go off grid yet, but the idea of living in a community is fairly new to me. I think I would have a lot to offer and am more than willing to learn. I’m 28 years old, have had mostly manual labor jobs, and a decent education. I attended a private college prep high school, but only lasted in community college for a little over a year before I decided that working full time was a better option for me. I have very hard working parents (postal worker mother and pops is a steel mill employee, turned union electrician after 29 years of swing shifts in the mill) I desire a simple life where I can feel accomplished at the end of the day instead of feeling like just another drone. My email is Feel free to get a hold of me and I will continue to do research and try to learn more skills on my path to going off grid whether it be solo or in a community, which I would much rather some company :D

  2. Marvin Whitehead

    Hi all I know most of the post here are older but anyway my name is Marvin and I have been working with a few very like minded people and we are getting ready to start a off grid community and are looking for more members we call ourselves the tribe hope to here from you soon

  3. James Mcleod

    I am interested in off the grid living in South Carolina I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and have many skills jack of all trades. I would like a community in the south hopefully in South Carolina. Contact me at

  4. Presh

    My husband and I are also very interested …. So happy to see so many people who feel the same way .
    Please keep us in mind should anything transpire .

  5. Erik

    Hi there, I know this thread is kind of old but I was wondering if anyone knows if anything got started? Am really interested in going off grid.

  6. dan

    Im ready, Lets make this happen! contact me via email if you have Land capable. I have knowledge tools and will.

  7. Krystyna

    Hey everyone, I realize this thread is a bit older but I was wondering if anyone is interested in creating a lil micro community to go off grid?? Here is the facebook page that I created to try and find like minded people. I am already looking at properties and would LOVE to make this happen in 6 months or so! Please hit me up and we can take it from there. My entire idea is outlined in the “about” section! Hope to talk to you soon!

  8. ystad

    Hi. I have land near HILO HAWAII. I’m looking to share in building a small community of like minded individuals. Gardening, hunting and living with the land as much as possible. I do not live here full time as of yet. My plan is to move here full time within the next 9 months. Most of the land is jungel with trails. we are close to the beach the fishing is great and so is the surfing. There is no electricity or running water. I will be Building water tank and some sort of shower and small cabin. I’m in my 40′s still strong and capable with skills. I would like to hear from people with good character. I am a Christian. Let me know some of your ideas about contributing to this kind of lifestyle how you would contribute to a self sustaining community living off the grid?

  9. keith ystad

    I have a small farm startup in Hawaii that’s all off grid and I looking for help in planning and development

  10. Amanda

    I am also interested in living off grid. Would like to join a community of others interested in this type of living as well

  11. jeff maxwell

    Hey everyone, have been doing my research about moving offgrid for awhile now. This upcoming spring I will be using my gibill to go to Jack Mountain bushcraft school. Afterwards I was planning a backpacking trip across the US if anyone on here has an interest. Saving now for the trip and future mini home plans with solar panels etc

  12. Justin Palmer

    Im interested in living off the grid also. I know how to survive off the land. I am 22 years old. I can hunt , fish and build. I would be a great aspect to an off the grid community. I am also a hard worker. I have camped for months at a time . That should say something. If anyone has an off the grid community I would love to join them. People have knowledge and knowledge is power. That is what’s good about a community working together, you can get more done and learn more from other people. Anyways if anyone would like me to come join them on their voyage to off the grid living here is my email “” I am willing to drop my life and leave everyone I know so I can be happy living how I want to live. Like I said… I am a hard worker and I love living off the land. I don’t have anywhere to do that but i do have a lot of knowledge on living off the land. A community can work together and that’s also a good survival method. having people who work together.. A lot can get done when you have people working together. well i sure hope to hear from someone. thanks

  13. AJ

    Very much interested. Let me know if ur still looking for partners.

  14. Paul

    Shoot me a email if your still looking for people. My mililtary background and From what i know personally I feel that if i found a community to live OG together i would would make a great farm hand/worker plus i already have most of the gear. so hit me up at

  15. Eric

    We share the same thoughts .. Nothing more to say on here.. My # 707-234 1148

  16. Crystalrose

    My family and I are also trying to get off the grid and looking to make it happen as soon as possible. My husband and I are in our early 30’s and both VERY skilled and would have lots to offer to a community. So is anyone doing anything with this? My Email addy is Please anyone interested in moving forward with this shoot me an email… Come on lets make this happen!!

  17. Van Le

    I would like to get together some people who have would like to invest in a community for land and everyday responsibities such as raising chickens, rabbits, vegetables, fruits,etc and living off the grid if you’re interested my email is ….if a community buy solar energy panels in bulk it would be cheaper….i am also tire of lies after lies

  18. elaine kelly

    I am on the East Coast near Sandy Storm.. I sense the urgency to Move away. I am single alone. Will sell the house i have here … if Lucky will get 100,000. wondering about the Tiny house options… wanting a MOLD free environment and land … any suggestions ?

  19. elaine kelly

    How do I access this site so I can share idea’s ?

  20. victor

    im interested in talking with all of you I gave my phone number because im not sure if I did email correctly. but I forgot to list qualifycations im 41 and not a vegaterian but do love and respect nature. cant stand what society has turned into! have collected guns ,crossbows,medical equipment,camo tools and survival gear. waiting on couple more items. don’t have car but hoping to connect with one or more for good group livingand injoying what nature has to give. a peaceful poisitive good existence. im a hunter, tracker,servivelist. naturalist. would rather injoy the beuti of nature and live off the land without the crap and bs that society has to offer. plus I have a lot,alot of tools. and always have dreamed of northern lights. but ill keep my options open. looking for people who share those same ideas. peace harmony nature and common gole. email is hoping I did that right am 41 best option is call me at 7759102563 looking fowerd to feedback give me a call you guys best of luck to all and stay safe and work together be strong

  21. jeffery

    I understand the desires to live off grid. I too am looking to do the same. An entire community is, all in all, a good idea. However, there are some points that i have not seen discussed here. Keep in mind that going off the grid individually will not raise suspicions of very many,but creating an entire community will probably raise alarms with society. With mant still remembering the branch davidians and other similar groups and with authorities having regulations to easily label most anyone as “domestic terrorists” , the odds of incurring stiff opposition to such a community are great. Be prepared for authorities to either continually harrass residents, use ordinances and regulations to attwmpt to shut down your plans or even infiltrate the community with undercover agents or informants. Not to mention the utility companies that wont be happy that there is a community that they cant make money from. They will use any influences they have to pressure authorities to act as well. Security and camouflage are important considerations. As well as, proper intel gathering and analysis, disinformation. Basically counter espionage techniques. As a 24 yr veteran of u.s. special forces i can offer advice in these areas. Any questions, feel free to contact me.

  22. Cassie Robinson

    Hello everyone. I’m so sick to death of the way society says we have to live. I’m sick to death of struggling just to have the basic. I’m sick to death of the lack of community and the selfishness of most if America. My husband and I have decided we are going to take the first step and save for an motor home. As long as we can find cheep lot rent that should give us the exter money to buy some land. I’m hoping maybe we can find some other individuals and families who want to get back to the basics and go in with us for a new start.

  23. Dean

    Hello im also seroiusly interested in off grid life or joining a group knowledge is the key to survival along with a very strong will. Community would be great more people more knowledge and theres strength in numbers.I have a few good skills hunting fishing and survival skills i took a few basic courses through work fall arrest working with ropes and heights, first aid and cpr and self defence.
    I currently hold a HAM radio ticket amature radio has been a hobby since my teens and have coached many on getting there licence living off grid has been a long time goal ive done a dry run of 3 months off grid rough style no generator no solar no wind lanterns for light fire for heat and only ate food that i found wild hunted or fished i did have a reserve supply of food i brought but didnt want to use unless emergency i did end up eating my reserves the last 2 weeks so i didnt have to portage it back out it can be done folks with a strong will and a few comforts of home wait this is home.
    all the best stay strong Dean

  24. ande

    OTG newbie 1 – looking for off grid in oklahoma
    friends for discussion planning and building
    off grid community. every thing off grid.

  25. mary

    I want to live in a small space, but want running water and solar power for electricity. I’m 57, I have always wanted to live near water and enjoy a nice breeze. My house will be paid off in a few months so I could afford to sell it all off in order to relocate and have my ‘tiny home’. I just don’t know where to move. I can garden, cook, bake, I was a seamstress at one time and I am inventive. I’m looking to live a relaxing life with like-minded people, I just need a comfy bed, couch, laptop, a kitchen and bath, and windows, I like lots of natural light! Oh, I’m owned by two pug dogs at the moment, also.

  26. OTGNewbie

    I am 51 years old, getting ready to retire (yes retiring at 51) & looking for other like minded people to be around.

  27. Jnet

    I’m interested in chatting with people who are living on less or helping each other. I’m looking at the big picture no major hurry but being in my 40s now, I figure I have 10 years to make sure I secure a home of some kind, maybe buy or build one of those tiny homes on trailers, lol. Not sure, though, the main thing is I want electricity and running water but jut need less space as long as its my own and sort of free of society’s ills. I’ve downsides quite a lot already as all I need is my laptop to make money anywhere so that’s no problem. My son is also. being in his 20’s and how hard it is to get a job or plug in he already sort of lives off the grid and just gets by. We’ve always been survivors on our own. I used to haul with a truck with him and his friends. But too old for that anymore. I can teach people a lot though. Just never knew there were others that I would have liked to have known along the way. Maybe now I can connect or share some tips with people. Take care. JP

  28. shanon

    EI am interested as well… The way most of us live today is destroying this beautiful earth very sad and heart wrenching. I have been pondering this pff grid living for about a year and have made major changes to be greener despite my surroundings southern ca… Its tough especially alone but am doing it anyway! Its deffanitly a learning prosess fulfilling! Finally found something that actually feels right! My email is thanks for your time. Peace

  29. Geminiguy77

    Hello everyone, I also wish to live off the grid and have been engaged in research on that and like topics for the last few months, there is so much information out there, I could quit my job and read all day. Like Sarah I have many wonderful ideas on how life is supposed to be, I can hatch the ideas, and my life experience shows me a hardy worker and I love animals and the outdoors. So I might be suited to raising and breeding animals for food, and for sale or bartering for other goods or services.
    I am in Northern South Carolina, about 20 minutes from Charlotte NC and currently looking for a good property to get this rolling. Any ideas, questions, comments would be welcome.
    I wanted to share this site with all, I am reading it at the moment.
    I have been following the aquaponics idea for about two years and want to incorporate it in my off the grid living.
    Thanks all and good luck

  30. Doug

    I grew up in the McAlester Area from my mid teens and am looking to go off grid I Currently reside in Florida and it is waaaaaay to hot here if this is still something you are looking to do we can talk via email I would be honestly looking into doing this late jan/ early to mid feb I left my email waiting your reply

  31. Debra

    I have 10 acres on great plains in OK….I have perfect set up and will retire from teaching at 55. grown up on farm most of my life. Can farm, can and teach. Have been teaching for 26 years… Can research very well.. Debra

  32. Sarah

    My name is Sarah. At the age of six I became the only vegetarian in my family- a lifestyle choice I have been committed to for 13 years now. As a child, I realized that society was damned; too greedy for their own good. I never did understand why people cared so much about excess they had in their everyday lives, yet couldn’t care less about our mother earth we have now desecrated.
    I looked up at the stars almost every night- the ones viewable from the city- and wished to be in a better place. I wished to disown the race that didn’t know what it stood for; that being the population, as a whole.
    I had so many dreams, so many great ideas. And aince I have graduated highschool, I have not been able to afford a single one. My generation is blind, and I do not wish to be a part of this “scene.”
    I want to experience life as it was meant to be lived. I want to learn as much archaic knowledge as I possibly can.
    I am able bodied, have strong will and a great work ethic. I am miserable as I am. I pray to the forces that be to end me if I may not find joy.
    I believe joining a community of like minded individuals is my only hope.
    I don’t care about hair dye or nails. I like to earn my keep. However, this society is not for me. Nor has it ever been. Please contact me if I could be of any use. Or, maybe just if you would like to throw some ideas back and forth.

  33. Micaela

    Just was curious in whether or not you’d be intrested to meet me and my fiance we are extremely fond of the off grid living idea and you seem to be a very good option
    Thank You