My name is Jacob Hetcel, I am very intrigued by the ideas of living off the land. I have learned over the years to Love this Earth. What I am looking for is a community that needs members, or someone to start a community or anything with me. I am extremely open to all ideas. I have grown up in the woods and know how to survive. I have also worked on a horse ranch. Also I have adapted many mechanical and construction skills. Please email me at

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  1. Dan

    I have been interested in OTG lifestyle for a couple years now and really enjoy the idea of it. I have held a handful of jobs including woodworking which I was pretty darn good at. I am a hard worker and quick to learn. I traveled a bit in the US and lived in China for a little over 6 months and arrived back near family in the Chicago suburbs. I recently got a job doing something I strongly dislike, but my motorcycle payments aren’t going to pay themselves… I’m not quite financially ready to go off grid yet, but the idea of living in a community is fairly new to me. I think I would have a lot to offer and am more than willing to learn. I’m 28 years old, have had mostly manual labor jobs, and a decent education. I attended a private college prep high school, but only lasted in community college for a little over a year before I decided that working full time was a better option for me. I have very hard working parents (postal worker mother and pops is a steel mill employee, turned union electrician after 29 years of swing shifts in the mill) I desire a simple life where I can feel accomplished at the end of the day instead of feeling like just another drone. My email is Feel free to get a hold of me and I will continue to do research and try to learn more skills on my path to going off grid whether it be solo or in a community, which I would much rather some company :D

  2. Marvin Whitehead

    Hi all I know most of the post here are older but anyway my name is Marvin and I have been working with a few very like minded people and we are getting ready to start a off grid community and are looking for more members we call ourselves the tribe hope to here from you soon

  3. James Mcleod

    I am interested in off the grid living in South Carolina I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and have many skills jack of all trades. I would like a community in the south hopefully in South Carolina. Contact me at


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