[before_listing id=367 images= youtube=null] I’m a Freelance Pagan geek looking for similar like-minded people to live off-grid in the UK.

What I want is a community not a commune, where people are free to explore their own goals within the overall envelope and not have to worry too much about what the rest of the group have to say (I suppose in some respects like Scoraig). Emphasis given to being self-sufficient and the applicable use of technology.

I’m pretty flexible about moving.[landbuddy_listing id=367 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Looking to go off-grid”

  1. Muriel Morgan

    Hi Mike
    We are looking to do the same and we are in the Leicester area. Would love to talk and even meet up, please e-mail me :-)

  2. Paula

    Hello Techy Mike,
    We want pretty much the same. I’m currently based in SW London (Teddington), I’m a geek myself, work independently, only need a good Internet connection, I can work from anywhere. I’ve been exploring different options to go off-grid and been learning new skills that -combined with the techie skills and a background in anthropology, should allow me to go off-grid without troubles. My goal is being as much self-sufficient as possible, ideally find like minded people to start a project as a group but -as you said, keeping a degree of independency, in my experience that is essential for a healthy group dynamic. I would like to stay in the UK but would consider other parts of Europe. US is out of my range due to the legal status (I’m a Spanish citizen).

    To be honest, so far it’s been all about reading, learning, researching, doing a few courses and planning, I reckon it’s time to get more serious with this project. Anyone interested in a bit of idea sharing /brainstorming?

  3. jamie

    very interested in this type of living. having a hard time finding people who are also interested. everything I found before this was several years old. found this website 5 minutes ago and need to look through it more.

  4. Techy Mike

    My job is with technology, so if I did put a wall up I would need to change careers and with being involved with computers for 20 years that would be no small change.

    What I truly want to see is the applicable use of technology, where the right technological tool is used for the right job. We live in a world of machines and rejecting hundreds of years of industrial development just because you are feeling unfulfilled in your current life doesn’t strike me as a balanced way of thinking. There has to be a middle-way.

    For *me* this would be no fossil fuels (except perhaps for a vehicle when journeys are actually necessary – electric is an option, especially for short journeys, but the lack of infrastructure and range is a pain).
    No TV. In the UK, the cost fo a TV license just so the average person can get their daily dose of the media drug isn’t a positive for me.
    Being self-sufficient where possible (both in food and being able to repair things) growing your own is frequently cited as the number 1 thing people want to do when going offgrid, but unless you can also maintain any technology you do use (even basic tools such as spades, hoes and rakes) you aren’t truly offgrid.
    I’ll stop here, since you can probably infer how I’m thinking about this from what it written above…

  5. Miguel

    Hi. I’m from Portugal, also thinking about the idea. It’s always easier with someone else.
    I’m not looking to create a wall up with the on-grid world, more like getting thinks done, and finding a cool place. You seem in the same frame

  6. Techy Mike

    I’ve certainly considered moving to the US, but the main issue is that as a UK citizen we are excluded from the green card scheme, which means we need to then go through the visa process for anything other than a simple holiday. Which if you want to work in the US (as opposed to simply visit) you need a US company that is willing to spend 6 months trying to get you in and being able to prove that your skills are some hat they can’t find elsewhere locally… Certainly possibly, but how many companies are actually willing to do that?

    So yes, I have considered it, but I’m not sure it is feasible right at this moment.

    In the mean time, I am trying to see what I can do to get sustainable income from online businesses without having to do much work myself. I can program computers so I don’t see this as a massive hurdle – just a PITA to do well…

  7. Leslie

    I too want to go off grid. In US. Hard finding other singles. Mostly married couples or married with kids. Have any interest in coming to the US to live off grid?