We’re a small family of four (husband, wife and two little boys) who have been living completely off grid in a (very) remote part of CA’s national forest on over 200 acres that they own (it’s grandfathered into the forest). We’ve been hosting folks primarily through wwoofusa.org teaching homesteading skills (from canning to milling…you name it) for over 8 years. We’re good people with solid references…we expect the same. Looking for someone who is willing to lend a helping hand anytime between May-October with projects around the homestead in exchange for experience/food/board (a seperate mini house is currently being built…). 

Please message me here with an email address so that I can send more info.  


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7 Responses to “Looking to get away from it all and get some experience?”

  1. Tina

    Looking for a friend.
    Please contact me via email.
    Have questions about your homestead. thank you!

  2. Mara

    Hmmm … Were we supposed to put our email addy in the body of the email? (Grin) My bad! Sorry! Royalcolorsintl@hotmail.com

  3. Mara

    Single woman in 50s hoping to exchange old fashioned arts like cooking from REAL scratch (like grinding the flour and making pasta by hand), canning, making soap, candles, clothing, household goods, bricks for building, and furniture, rendering and distilling, weaving, and a list of other almost forgotten arts. Have full compliment of carpenters tools and the skill that goes with them, and a generator to power those that need it. Ex army nurse turned herbal healer. I’m mostly a design artist, so most of that is easy for me. I have other skills I can contribute to include a strong hard working body. Figured those are the skills you’re Looking for. Looking to trade any and all of my skills for a spot. I’m in the Buffalo, NY area. So I’m very used to our weather. Don’t know what else you want to know but ask, I might have it, have the skill, or have the book (real and/or MP3) for it. Thanks!

  4. Ilya and Lauren

    Hello! I am a micro computer engineer / general contractor and builder, my wife is a yoga instructor / wellness coach. We are in our early 30s and are going around the country learning how to build our future homestead while helping people with theirs. Please let me know if you have any immediate openings for my wife and i. I can help with every part of constructions / renovations including solar and electrical repairs. Also have an old ASE mechanic certification that i have not renewed in a few years, but yes engine work as well. Thank you!

  5. Yahsharayla

    I have a family of 6 and were living in state parks we left our house because we were told by the Holy spirit to get out the citt please enail me we need help to get there
    Or contact by phone 334 400 91 95

  6. Rainman

    Interested in learning more! Please email me at rainjordan17@gmail.com
    #muchlove #keepshining

    • Karen Morgan-Palermo

      Wow.. your family sounds amazing and what you are doing doing for our society and your family. My name is Karen and I am living in Santa Monica currently with my 12 year old daughter and my sister, Barbie. We have been desiring to learn new skills and put them into good use! Slowly we have been changing and adapting to a much cleaner and better way of life. Our other sister lives off the grid but doesn’t like socializing like we do. We are all about sharing and helping but we have not found others like that yet still trying. Not giving up! We are easy to get along with and pull our load. My daughter I home school. Would like to know more please.. aantazy@aol.com thanks