I am a 36 year old white male living in Florida. I am looking to get out of here, as the climate is awful, it’s too coastal, and there are a million laws against living off grid. I do have 2 advanced science degrees and a great job, but not true fulfillment. I am scared with the state of the country, and the world. Things are on a destructive course that I don’t think can be reversed anymore. I am a 9 year Army vet, with 5 in Spec Ops, so I do have strong survival skills and experience.  I’m looking at disappearing in the woods somewhere in TN, AL, WV, NC or somewhere similar. I have all the gear I need and just am looking for a companion. Someone to talk to, look out for each other, and have my back during the zombie apocalypse. I don’t have any family,  and no real ties to anyone, so when I say I want to disappear I mean that completely. No cell phone or computer, no ties to modern conveniences or the grid, no way for the government to track and oppress me or put me in some FINA camp once matrial law starts. If you’re interested in joining me on this permanent, life-changing adventure, contact me and tell me about yourself. I am looking to do this sooner than later for sure.

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