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  Hello everyone, my reasoning for joining this site was to possibly find others in my immediate or surrounding area that’s willing to come together, get to know one another, and share ideas. I plan to purchase land a couple of counties north or west of cobb county by mid next year by the latest. Im a 30 year old African American man (need to be mentioned) married have a career and very intelligent. I have zero tolerance for fanatics and tribal like behavior. I tried reaching out to others from years old post to no avail so I figured I do it myself. The reason why I put myself out there is because im showing people who may be interested that im all about diversity and balance. The most important trait in any group is character and intent.  I don’t care for rigid and close minded people as well. by me being 30 im labeled a millennial, but was  raised by the older generations. I value hard work, intelligence, and dedication and want the same out of those who may be interested. I may be young but I definitely been exposed to the dangers of our world and total dependence on the grid.
 Im choosing the preferred location to get land because it allows people to practice micro-homesteading, develop other skills, and also know what it like to live in a supplemental lifestyle. I plan to live my life to the fullest everyday but have that place and skillset tucked away when that time comes. Young people you are also welcome to join. I know some people look down on younger people for many reasons but im telling you are not alone in questioning everything around you. Also from what I am told, its wise for someone to live on the land as well to keep maintenance up etc. so if any serious Georgia folks from the North , west and western suburb part of the state along with eastern Alabama people are still around and wondered if any groups were still around and had their doors open, contact me @ 678 822 3700 or Benteam2020@yahoo.com Lets build our own community the “smart” way


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p.s even if you don’t live in the areas I spoke of feel free to contact me anyway I want to know who is out there with my mind set and feel free to reach me any time of day. 

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2 Responses to “Looking to create a small/close knit community in preparation to buy land”

  1. Free Range

    Hi. I am a coordinator of a small community in its beginning stages. We seek like-minded people to join. The large sized land is located southern Arkansas, perfect for growing food & away from coastlines! We are indigenous if that matters. Please reach out if interested.

  2. Becky

    I always think of writing one of these posts, but am never sure if anyone still reads or responds. So, even though we are far north of you (in Ontario, Canada) I’m replying to your PS, to let you know that there are like-minded folks out there. Your post really resonates with me. We don’t have to be “fanatics” to believe we’re going to need to find new communication skills, new ways of living and working together, so we can survive as a species in the upcoming years. Hope you find the people you’re looking for on here!