[before_listing id=483 images= youtube=null] I want to meet others that wish to live an off an the Grid lifestyle. I already own 6 acres of land in Rising Fawn Ga 30738 that I am starting to build a small OTG retreat on. I’m interested in building multiple small partially underground earthbag ( sandbag ) structures to live in, collecting rainwater and hopefully drilling a well, growing organic vegetables/fruit trees, raising chickens, and using solar power. I would like to meet others that would be interested in helping me build the retreat in exchange for living on the land for a period of time. I would also be interested in meeting other land owners around the US/World that would be interested in working out some kind of land sharing deal in exchange for each others labor/services/land. [landbuddy_listing id=483 youtube=null]

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29 Responses to “Looking to build OTG Retreat”

  1. Donna

    Wondering if this project got off the ground. I have been looking for a group for past year for off grid. Healer, cook, independent thinker, 49yrs old. Thanks!

  2. Amber

    hello, we are interested in this scenario. we currently live off grid on a small farm community. we work in exchange for board. we are more interested in helping build a off grid community. we came here thinking that this was going to be like that but it is far from. we are looking to depart the first week in april and would love to come through that way and exchange knowledge and labor to help build your community. carpentry and construction are our main skills. we look forward to hearing back from you.

  3. RT

    I’m a single Dad with one Daughter. I’m a former Veteran with skills. I was raised in the Country with a strong gun culture. I know how to hunt and don’t hunt for pleasure, only to put meat on the table. I know gardening, some medical attention from cuts to gunshot wounds.
    We have a two year food reserve of rice and beans, flour, and peanut butter. I have a Berkey portable water purification system that will purify any water source 99.99 percent pure from lakes, rivers, and streams. I have 3 long range walkie-talkies. Solar powered battery charger that will charge AAA, AA, C, and D batteries.
    I have a solar powered AM/FM hand crank radio, and medical supplies.
    I want to be in the shadows from the tyrannical system.

  4. brian

    I would definitely like to come help out.

  5. mscarter80

    I am very interested in this. I am new to this website and would love more information. Please email me mscarter80@yahoo.com

  6. CammieSkye

    I am very interested in helping out! please send me more details- cameron.sky1195@gmail.com

  7. Denise

    Hi there, I am a young 53 mother of three boys…two are with me 16 & 17. I am currently living on the coast of SC. A hairdresser by trade, but mostly a mother who has lived alternatively for over 25 yrs mostly by using homeopathy and essential oils. My kids are not vaccinated, and have only had antibiotics a couple of times. My wish is to teach my boys some hands on skills, and to live in a close nit community of individuals who question authority and who live to make the world a better place.

  8. cherry

    i am seeking to go with a off grid community i am 30 female. great shape. i have saved and have full awareness of the lifestyle. please email me at cherry24blossoms@gmail.com thanks!

  9. Frank

    Looking to live and work on off grid communities!
    Society, the media and the endless and people on their senseless chase for money is putting a undesirable load onto my spirit. I’m looking for any off the grid community to accept me as family and teach me self-reliance and dedication. I’ve always been earthy and kind-spirited. Someone save me from the life and reveal me to true living.

  10. Josh & Emily

    My wife and I also aspire to be OTG within the next couple of years. I have already built a couple of wind generators and constantly coming up with ideas to make them better and diffrent applications. I also have some ideas I’ve been working on for a while now. I have been in the woods of north Ga my whole life Hunting (with bow only), fishing, hiking, ect. My wife and I have hiked the AT up to NC. I have been doing low voltage home theater, alarms cctv, acess control ect for 12 years now and my wife is a LMT and grew up on a thirty acre farm. If anything i could come help you in my free time. Going OTG has been a dream of mine for years now the earth can provide everything we need and we constantly pour our money out to big corporations for things our earth provides for free and I’m sick of it. well anyways if your interested let us know. thanks

  11. Earl Fisher

    Hello neighbor! I live at the foot of the mountain, between your land and the TN line (Flintstone area). My sister lives just south of 136, almost yur next door neighbor, judging from the map. It’s a fairly good choice of area for your needs. I’m a permaculture buff and, like many of the others who have responded, am a carpenter. I’d be happy to donate my labor and skills to your project. My email is on it’s way to you.

  12. Joseph

    I am willing to be a productive member of this community and help in any way possible , please let me know in email when we can come together. Blessings and peace be with us all.

  13. Bill & Camille

    We are a couple in our early 50’s and interested in the past year in going OTG with a community of people to utilize different talents therefore making the community safer and stronger. My wife is a medical professional and is currently being educated in medicinal gardening. I am a professional welder and home remodeler. We are master gardeners and are profiecient in cooking and food storage. We are closing our small fabrication shop in Texas next week and will be temporarly relocating with family in Florida. I have 12 years as an Army engineer and survival training. We are looking to start this lifestyle asap. We are currently learning hydroponic, aquaponic gardening, non-commercial solar system fabrication. Thank you for considering us.

  14. garry

    My name is Garry , and I am going to go off grid soon , I am 56 and have developed many skills over the years from auto and truck repair , to construction skills , also landscaping , gardening and basically making or repairing anything , please e-mail more info as I would like to build within 400 miles of the Smokey,s

  15. Robert Ruszkowski

    Thank you all for responding. I’ve had a very busy few months and are now ready to get started on the OTG Retreat. Anyone interested in joining the group please contact me directly at skiman1115@yahoo.com or call me at home at 404 921-1313. I’ve had a hard time trying to communicate over this board and I’m interested in talking with all of you. I just watched a very interesting video that will give you an idea of where I am coming from regarding building a community. The video does have a few parts that I’m not sold on yet ( the stuff on alien visitation/technology and a few other things ) but I’m on board with pretty much everything else. You can watch the movie and learn about the movement at thrivemovement dot com . I also like the site collapsenet dot com . Please check them out and get in touch with me if you want to join our otg community.

  16. Jon Miller

    Hey im 18 and passionate about living off the grid and working hard. i will find a way out there to help build and design. along with anything else you would need help with. i would be a good investment. please email me.

  17. john rivers

    I live in Northwest GA I want to go solar also

  18. chuck

    45 year old male here, master carpenter, with truck, and tools, and ready to go right now, email me at bike chuck67 at gmail dot com of course no spaces. and ill get my stuff packed up and ready to go. recently divorced. and ready for a new life new adventure, and ready to go, thanks

  19. holly

    Hey you all! This is sounding like a good group of people already! I am 42 and I have a recording studio in Nashville and I am over it. I have pretty much been on a journey of awakening spiritually the past 10 years, and I am over our govt and their lies and cover-ups and fear mongering. I am also non-materialistic which does not fit in well in the music business. I am not afraid to work hard. I am a ufo researcher also and a reiki master. I do have a paralegal degree…I dont know if that would even help anything..lol..I am way into OTG and permaculture and am ready for a big life change. Please contact me if I could be part of this. It sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much for your time. Love and light, Holly

  20. angie

    we r looking for a place to come together with others to live off the grid. we r not scared of hard work. there is 5 of us. and we do have pets. please send us more.

  21. Jeff Magaw

    I am a 48 year old single white male. I have finally came to a point in my life where I can and desire to make a positive life change. I want this change to be physical , political, social , and most of all spiritual. What I have to offer is over 20 years of mechanical experience. I have worked for 20 years in the field of building maintenance. I presently run a small non licensed home improvement business in maryland. I have skilss in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, small engine repair, automotive repair, diesel repair, rail car repair, landscaping, and painting. My card says “can he do that? yes he can!” and for the most part there has never been a job I wasn’t able to handle. I also have work experience in produce I was a produce amnager for 5 years and worked as a produce broker in philadelphia for several years. I can handle work with vendors and other contractors and have skills in brokerage and purchasing. About myself personally, I am liberal politically and christian spiritually. I have a firm christian foundation but am non judgemental and open to all spiritual directions. I believe in service and work hard to use my time for the betterment of people less furtunate. I have been lokking pretty close a tennessee but am open as far as gepographic location. I have some funding and expect more finances in the near future from liquidation of properties. I consider myself intelligenty and relatively well read.

  22. Andrew

    My wife and I are looking to go OTG. I am a former army ranger and over the years have grown to hate our government and there political agendas. I believe it’s time to cut ties and help build a community. The skills I can provide are as follows :
    Hunting , trapping, tracking, fishing, force protection (from both wild life and others in the community) I can also teach long rang shooting, archery, and self defense. I know how to farm (my father was a farmer and house builder) and can build anything from log cabins —- to metal structures.
    My wife is a great teacher for small children and knows how to can,cook, and farm as well. We are in this for life. So if your looking for a hard working couple we would be your top pick.

  23. Jeff Magaw

    I am a 48 year old man. I am single and have finally reached a point in my life that I can and desire to make a positive lifechange. This means physical, socially, politically, and spiritually. Going off grid is where my interest is. I have some financing and expect more in the near future. What I have to offer: 20 plus years in building maintenance and home improvement. i presently run a small home improvement business in maryland. My card says can he do that? yes he can. And honestly I can handle most construction or repair issues. Carpentry, plumbing, small and automotive and diesel repair, electrical, research into aquafarming, and much much more. I am intelligent my sat’s were 1360 out of 1600 in high school. I am liberal minded and am spiritual. I have a strong christian grounding but am very non judgemental and am open to all spiriatual directions. I will be making a move by the end of the year and what you’ve started sounds very interesting to me. Send more info. You can see more about me on facebook. Jeff Magaw/ Elkton MD. mrmagaw@hotmail.com

  24. Aaron

    Hello! My wife and I have been very interested in learning more about how to live off grid ever since she took a sustainability class in college (couple years ago). We currently live in Chattanooga and was wondering if you could provide more information… Thank you!

  25. Nick

    I also live in Ga. If you really need some help building shoot me an email.

  26. Sovereign Marta

    Please join my group of like minded people who may be interested in your cause. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Edencommunities/315146918541999/?notif_t=group_activity

  27. ALROD53

    If you build it they will come, Your dreaming if you think somebody is actually going to come and help you build. I have had the same offer going for a while now. On 28 acres, we have been totally off the grid for almost a year now with only my wife for help.
    Good Luck

  28. Skiman1115

    Sorry for the typo in the first sentence. Doesn’t seem to be a way to edit your posts. I wanted to add that I’m also interested in trying to use humanure composting for human waste management before having to invest in more expensive composting toilets. In addition, I’d like to learn how to set up and run a small scale fish farm on the property.

  29. tami

    Hello I just read your post and it sounds very interesting. I would love to get more information. Thanks..Tami