I am a 44M currently living in Kentucky who has long dreamed of leaving modern society behind and living back in nature,  I say society, not necessarily technology.  I would love to find the right like-minded and open-minded individuals to help me build this community.  Obviously, I would be looking for people to have different skills, knowledge and abilities.  Age, race, religion, preference and all other identifiers are not factors at all.  Financial status is also not a factor.  I am more interested in what you have to offer this project as a whole.  I want to build an open and shared society that will work and live in harmony with each other and the land.  I think I have some unique ideas and  know of the perfect general place, now all I need are the right partners to make it happen. 

If you think this sounds good, shoot me an email telling me about yourself, your skills and background, education, general goals for pursuing this style of living and even your apprehensions.  I’m looking for people from all walks of life, literally.  People with farming, construction, kitchen, craft, legal, financial and educational backgrounds and more.  My personal background is in construction, architectural and project management, in case you were wondering.  I’ll write back with my thoughts and we can see if all works out.  I wouldn’t call it an application or anything, but when you are looking to build a new community/society you kinda want to make sure everyone ‘fits’ the ideal.  Ultimately, I am thinking to get this thing off the ground, it will take about twenty of so of us.  And realistically, I believe its about 5yrs or so from coming to fruition.  That being said, its all flexible based on interest and funding.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this project and our ideas.  kytigercat “at” the G mailbox

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2 Responses to “Looking to build a sustainable society”

  1. Bw4lker

    I am extremely interested; jack of all trades and intrinsically motivated. Reach out to me for a resume or if you have questions. Bryanwalker97@gmail.com

  2. Sabrina Walker

    Hi I’m definitely interested please email me sabrinawalker1989@gmail.com