[before_listing id=395 images= youtube=null] I’m not from a big city just a small town, but I’m still starved for the feeling of just letting myself be free with the land. Although its a small town its still completely sectioned off, sold in grids long ago before my time and no one is selling for reasonable prices.

Well a quick run down on me and what I’m looking for. First off I have 5 dogs all work dogs an Australian cattle dog/Shepard, and 4 Lab/Chesapeake bay retrievers

I of would be needing a buddy who is dog friendly and compliant. My dogs are great hunting and guard dogs. This means I’m looking for land parcels no less than 10 acres.

I’m am efficient with a firearm/bow and plan to do hunting, fishing, and agriculture.

Looking for a strong willed, intelligent, chill person or persons to maybe start a friendship or community with. [landbuddy_listing id=395 youtube=null]

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