[before_listing id=395 images= youtube=null] I’m not from a big city just a small town, but I’m still starved for the feeling of just letting myself be free with the land. Although its a small town its still completely sectioned off, sold in grids long ago before my time and no one is selling for reasonable prices.

Well a quick run down on me and what I’m looking for. First off I have 5 dogs all work dogs an Australian cattle dog/Shepard, and 4 Lab/Chesapeake bay retrievers

I of would be needing a buddy who is dog friendly and compliant. My dogs are great hunting and guard dogs. This means I’m looking for land parcels no less than 10 acres.

I’m am efficient with a firearm/bow and plan to do hunting, fishing, and agriculture.

Looking for a strong willed, intelligent, chill person or persons to maybe start a friendship or community with. [landbuddy_listing id=395 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Looking to build a new life.”

  1. Gregf

    Hi, I am heading off grid to the Wilderness, I mean remote wilderness to live off the Land and be free ~ Buying land
    isnt really living free I dont believe ~ I just wanted to see if you or anyone you know want to just head out to
    the Wilderness .. I have been working on a spot everyday for a year , I have narrowed it down to the Perfect place..

    Anyway I hope your day is great ~ I hope to be gone by June ~ Almost have all the Gear and Tools, ALSO I have ALL of the Skills to live in the Wilderness ~ etc

  2. Suzanne Livingston

    Hey people I am into the same thing, live in Healdsburg, We have a program here gathering
    like minded living a sustainable community together. casamode@hotmail.com let’s talk….

  3. Caroline

    I see you posted two years ago now…wonder if you’re still looking. My husband and two labs and I are also looking for a land-buddy. We’re looking around Healdsburg, CA. Would love to chat.

  4. BIG DOG

    My wife and I are very interested in belonging to a community of like minded people. Please consider us as we are both very fond of animals, especially dogs. She is proficient with horses and their care. I was a carpenter by trade for many years and currently teach construction trades.

  5. lawrence

    hay plauged i have a place and have been looking for a extra hand. i have been off the grid for years and have several acres. im off the 5 south of red bluff. any way i can contact you? email?

  6. skeight976

    Hey my name is Vincent C. I started questioning this in high school, public school in Carson City. That has got me motivated to join groups and get this ball rolling. Jacque Fresco has great ideas about forming a community like this. I believe we are fully prepared to transition into a resourced based economy that is fully automated. The monetary economy is not working. We need something different. I believe the technology and know how for everything is with in our reach, currently. I am looking forward to contributing. I have been researching for many year about this sort of stuff. I have a Degree for Drafting Architecture through WNC. I have been involved with local organizations such as Atlas City near Las Vegas and Transition Reno a little closer. I know alot about gardening and trees, but I would love to learn more. I think the steps to starting a community are something like start a non-profit organic local garden, expand into permaculture as well as aquaculture, hold seminars for gardening, building efficiently, and living sustainable with what is available here and now. Also check out Village Earth it a global village construction set, don’t buy into the system they are feeding you, If you are going to break away and be off the grid living it needs to be done in every aspect of live, no john deer farming here, its all about Open Source Ecology. We are thinking of new ways to go about things, making a better reality and future.

  7. Tony Tyler

    Are you interested in doing something in Mendocino county or where?

  8. Jessica

    Hey rnorcal I would like to hear more.

  9. rnorcal

    I am looking at 40 acres in northern Ca, and looking for a partner. This property already has solar and house. I am a gay man 54, but not looking for mate, just a long term companion. Let me know if interested.

  10. chowan

    how do you feel about NE nevada?
    beautifull country, lots of space,inexpensive land
    clean air but not easy country for city folk.

    mail me if you want to talk some more. I have a couple of 10 acre sections but there is much more
    available in the area if you want something larger.

    I would like to have some good neighbors.

  11. happyearthhomes

    Hey brother you sound interested in my ideal lifestyle my wife and I are checking out of our suburban life real soon trying to find interested people to really do this we are chill and self sustainable got a great female black lab thats gonna be rollin with us in our rv my wife is in medical and I am a general construction guy we are lookin for a big peice of land to build an off grid home on like 30-50 acres plan on rving it while we build looking for an owner financed property plan on building slowly 1-2 yrs and raising some small animals, goats, rabbits, chickens,dogs and eventually some kids I want my kids to grow up country