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[before_listing images= youtube=null] I’ve been wanting to move off the grid for quite a few years. Wondering if there are any others on the island as well.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Looking to go off the grid”

  1. Newfieblue

    Looking at going offgrid for a cabin on the island. WHat part of the island are you in?

  2. viv


    My husband & I live in Ont and would like to live off the grid. Have you secured any land or made any preparations so far? Are you on your own or with a family? We are very excited about doing this. We are not afraid of hard work doing what we love. We are willing to relocate with the right opportunity. We are slowly trying to get prepared and educate ourselves about the lifestyle.
    Thank you

  3. jesssica

    oh i see i am in oklahoma i wld like to get away from U.S.

  4. jesssica

    i do despeately where are you located


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