Looking to see if there are people looking to start a small off grid community. I’m 28 with many different skills from hunting and fishing to building. Looking to start planning this asap. Message me for more details and or ideas.

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7 Responses to “Looking to Start a small offgrid community”


    living of grid sounds real interesting not quite ready but looking into it …I constantly look around for stuff that would make it easier to live of grid ..so you guys might be interested in this solarinverter/charger the guy seems very knowledgeable just check it out and tell me what you think it might be great to have in your new community …best of luck and let me know how its going

  2. johnny

    Good Luck to All, I am in England, did this (quite successfully) a while back, now ready to roll again full-throttle, have great site, willing to travel to help set up other projects and give input, Best Wishes, johnnyjota@yahoo.com

  3. braden

    I am a 20 yr old male, I am extremely interested in being apart of an off grid community. I want freedom in my life and be able to live my life the way i want instead of running around chasing dollars to pay next months rent/car insurance/electric/water… etc… I have $8,000 i could put on the line to help us start our community. bradenfortunato@gmail.com is my email. We should all get together in a hat room or something similar and discuss plans.

  4. Vikki

    Would like more information

  5. jonathan

    Contact me, please. Whytepizza@gmail.com and we can speak on specifics

  6. kaisuke7

    Hi im 24 y/o single male looking to go off grid, I have a tiny house on wheels that I build in my parents back yard with some help. I,m currently living in Northern California and looking to purchase some land in possible Washington state, Idaho, Montana, or Alaska. If you think this fits with your plans shoot me a message.

  7. Jessica and allen

    My name is Jessica from north Carolina, I will be 27 in July of this year. My husband to be, allen, is 32, we may not have much to offer in material resources, but that doesnt mean we have nothing to offer. He is a licensed plumber, and can do anything related. He’s done stone work for housing as well. A amazing cook. Hard working and very smart, great problem solver. Im more of a general idea type person, i like reading and studing up on the multiple ways to handle things and ideas, to bring up the alternative ways to others. This way, everyone can make the educated well rounded decision. Im easy going, spiritual, I love animals and communication mostly. We don’t do the complaining thing, as we know if you are “walking in the rain” you can sing n smile or cry and drag ur feet, either way your still walking in the rain. We actually have lived alone in a tent for a short period of time in between life stages and haven’t been the same sense! We felt so much closer to each other, our world, god and our purpose away from the nonsense hustle and bustle of “normal” society…. We want it back. We currently live in sc, a 3bed room 2bath, and its nice and all.. But… We want something more… And it would be an amazing feeling to be apart of something so unique and hands on….contact me please, jessicas.email88@gmail.com