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I live here in the city .  And I want to start a community and live off the grid. I have already looked into some locations . I would anyone who is interested in living away from the craziness that is starting .  Let put our heads together and make it happen . I am a spiritual person and I want to get back to a natural way of living .  This government is not made to help the people .  We have to help ourselves . I am not looking for fanatics and hermits . Just people that want peace in their lives.

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7 Responses to “Looking to start a community”

  1. DAK

    I am in a warm southern state, I would like to have a community- not looking to live like a hermit or survivalist, just in a rural area off the grid but still close to the grid for school and work- there is land in the western part of the county, that would be great for off the grid living, the land is wooded and would need to be cleared, the wood could be used to build homes, barns etc.- there is a 7 acres that would be perfect. and with live stock on the land there would not be any property tax..

  2. skilled_veteran

    Skilled military veteran interested in living off the grid in an intentional community. I have a vast amount of training and experience in the outdoors. I want to find like-minded people to start a community and free ourselves from societal control. This can be done!

  3. Dsylvester76

    I’m ready, I have my eye on 10 acres in Utah. $200 down, $121/month. Owner financed. Near lakes, rivers and timberland. Would love to find some like minded people and give it a go. If anyone is interested let me know.

  4. Em

    Need a response back to go on and see if this will work

  5. Em

    Am very interested in coming together to make living off the grid work.

    Need to start communicating to see where we each are at.

    Talk to me

  6. ptibbs

    I am in my late 50s & very interested in finding or starting get a community in the us off the grid. Can move right away. I am looking for people who look past color, religion, and political attitude. Would love a warm climate. Really don’t like the cold.

    • Ratnomore

      Ptibb, shoot me an email at go2monica@hotmail.com and let’s see if we can cook something up. I’m here in north fl looking for property and someone to do this with.