i am a 25 year old woman who has been wanting to live off grid but can’t do it alone. I love diy projects and very useful in every situation. Although I have some things to learn I wanna find someone who’ll have me.

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41 Responses to “Looking for someone who’s already off the grid who wants a companion”

  1. Theresa derose

    I’m Theresa I’m looking for a male that already lives off the grid….I’m a team player and not afraid of getting dirty

  2. Andy

    How is that working out?

  3. henry

    Hi I have 400 acres in upstate ny ready to go off the grid and homestead looking for partner female who can hold her own and pitch in to build a great life

    • Debbie

      Hi Henry
      If you haven’t found any one yet, email me.


      • Kirk

        I am looking to get off grid as well.

      • federico

        hey devie i also have a piece of land in the tropics. but im planning to go and meet myriam lancewood and peter in NZ. Wanna join?

      • Bill

        Hey,me 38 also want g to go off grid.
        Kind very skilled

    • Tonia

      Hi I’m 45 years old very active can can her own food hunt fish. I weigh about 105 lbs I’m 4 foot 11 extremely fit. I am so tired of society and HIPAA training to go off of grid for about 35 years if interested please contact me @toniaStinnett 123 @gmail.

  4. Arnold

    Are you still looking for someone?

  5. Tank88

    Are you still lookinh

  6. Rusty

    Im looking to get off the grid as well. Im 43 single white male. Also former military/survivalist and DYI.

    • Tonia

      Looking diligently for a off grid partner. I’m 45 years old 105 lb 4 foot 11 redhead with extremely beautiful blue eyes. I can hunt fish can my own food in an extremely good cook. I can hold my own have been survival training for about 30 years now. There’s not many plants I do not know the medicinal value of. I would be a great catch to someone interested and for long-term only relationship and Partnership. If you’re interested in contacting me you can contact me at Tonia Stinnett 123 at gmail.com

      • Rick

        Hi tonia I’m Rick I’m 51yrs old And living off grid 4yr now also i have a cabin in Alaska anyway if you would be interested let’s chat sometime thanks

  7. tod

    i have ten acers in alaska looking for a woman who may be looking to go offgrid in the near future.

  8. NatureGirl7

    You can email me at naturegirl7@mail.com

  9. NatureGirl7

    I am a female looking for another female (strictly platonic) who wants to live off grid together long term. Email me if interested, serious replies only. Thanks

  10. Steven Irvine

    I am 34 year’s old in campbellville CA been off grid five years and looking for a sexy solid woman to share with.

  11. Vanessa

    Hi i can be e-mailed at vanessafrancesmccray@gmail.com

  12. Vanessa

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I have been preparing to go off the grid for almost two years now. I am looking for a man that wants to be in a relationship and work together with living off the grid. I would like to know what phase are you with that. I have land within in a community and my Cabin will be set up there this week. You have some hustle about yourself , income to help with set up ,no drugs and be like minded.

    • Rocco

      I’m retired with a fair income and I’m spending the next year preparing to go off the grid. I can’t anticipate everything but I’ve lived off the grid before so until my lease is up here in Clearwater Florida I will be shopping and buying the best of everything I can to equip the venture.
      A good woman in this situation is next to impossible to find. Maybe you’re her?

    • Mantas

      Hi I want live of grid I have a bit knowledge of survival skills and I tired to be a part of system I tired for people reaching money work for rich and live like animals I want to enjoy my life and I love nature thanks

  13. Gilbert Marquez

    Retired 55 year Vet, wants to share his home and ranch. Sierra Blanca Near El Paso Texas.
    Must be a woman who believes in God…

  14. Benjamin Nave

    Hello I have A small property in Illinois may be interested check out Benjy Nave’s Camp on you tube!


    Hello, peeps ,I want a woman to share all of my hopes dreams & asperations with setting up camp by 4/15/2016 if I get help rite away we can be friends for now.take care of business first go from. There hit me up don’t be a procrastinator no time for that got to get out there by 4/15/2016 to plant all those seeds for food sell.and canning. Save your self llets do this text with.the word LJSTEXAS. 325-242-6839. Or E me at eagledown20@gmail.com thank you

  16. MountainMan12g

    I am off-grid in New Hampshire, running brook on property of 30 acres and minimal living costs. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, lots of local and regional activities and only 3 hours from Boston. Working on a second cabin and a treehouse. Open to most ideas.

  17. Jamie

    Hi, I have 30 acres, but only use about 5. I live off grid and have 2 RV’s for volunteers to live in. We have a group of farms that help each other out. I’ve teamed up with someone from our group to expand the business to be a community business growing wild medicinal herbs. if you want to talk, email me at missouriherbs@gmail.com

  18. Chris

    I have ten acres with off grid home in the new mexico mountains..my property is against national forest and quite quiet and secluded. I am considering building a few tiny homes/microcabins.. passive solar, plus solar electric, rain water harvesting, etc.. I am exploring the idea of renting them out, very reasonably.. but not sure if the business model would work………?

  19. offgridman

    Are you looking for a man, or a friend and companion. i already live off grid

  20. Dan

    Hey, this is Dan-I have already purchased 6 acres with a year round clean water source. Property is in Tennessee. Shoot me an email as to how to communicate with you. highmpactsolutions@ gmail.com

  21. ian

    contact me if your still looking,

  22. Scruffy

    I am thinking about taking on someone here at Dirtwater to help me build a simi-offgrid situation, I am already half way there. I am in a secluded location but nowhere is without people near by anymore. East Texas has good all around weather which is great for off grid situations most of the year. You are half my age so I am not seeking you as a mate, so to speak but I am alone here. I do like my solitude to some degree, how ever, being alone one gets complacent. This is a no strings contact, Tell me something and I will respond.
    Scruffy old dude.

  23. mark

    I am started in that direction. To bad your so young. I have a ad on here.

  24. Wes

    Another question for you is are you ready to go off grid with someone that is ready to go off the grid or does it have to be someone that is already off grid. I’m headed to Alaska and looking for a companion to hunt, work the land and enjoy this life style with. I am older but if age does not matter to you then great.

  25. Wes

    The question is where are you looking to go off the grid at ? What state or does it not matter ?