Hi everyone

My name is Mel and I live in London (hopefully not for too much longer). My ambition in the next few years is to buy land in the UK and start an animal sanctuary that can also be a place for school children to visit and learn more about animals, where our food comes from, etc. This has always been my dream and I’m finally in the position to make this happen but I don’t want to do this alone because where’s the fun in that?

So who would probably like to join me?

– Someone who, like me, shares a life-long dream of living in nature surrounded by animals and caring for them.

– Ideally you are also vegan but it’s not a dealbreaker (I much prefer ‘plant based’ than that word anyway!).

– You have sufficient funds to contribute 50/50 to this project.

– You would like to be off-grid as much as possible.

About me:

I’m 31, single, no children and work in Finance (luckily I’ve kept my sanity after ten years in London in this profession). I am originally from South Africa where I grew up on a farm and had a pet ostrich (random fact of the day). I have extensive knowledge of growing food and rearing sheep and cows in spite of not putting a lot of this into practice for over a decade! I strongly believe in learning on the job so even if you have no background in going off grid I believe if you have the passion everything else will come naturally (ok maybe with a  lot of graft too!).

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Anyway before I waffle on for any longer I’d be interested in sparking contact with anyone interested in this project.

To be frank, I am disgusted by the unnecessary suffering in this world and I don’t want to participate AT ALL in such cruel economics. As humans, we have on a whole lost our humanity for other creatures through a disconnect from birth. Hence why I want to return back to nature and make a tiny protest against what I see as psychosis of our species with respect to how we treat animals. Rant over (for now, don’t get me started seriously haha).

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9 Responses to “Looking for someone to join me in creating an animal sanctuary/project in the UK”

  1. Jill

    I have the same dream. I am in the United States. Keep your sense of humor and good luck

  2. Rea

    Hi Mel, I really love this idea that you have to start up and live/work on a vegan animal sanctuary, this has been a dream of mine as well. I am writing on behalf of myself (30) and my partner (38), both vegan. If you are still seeking some partners on this, it would be great to hear more from you regarding your situation, thoughts, progressions, locations… I would be happy to share more about ourselves as well. Cheers!

  3. Jasmyn

    It has always been my dream to educate people about the food they are eating and promote an ethical lifestyle. I am vegetarian- aspiring vegan and I am 23 living in London. I would love to assist in the marketing and promotion of your sanctuary creating press and a brand so that you could prosper. I have no money to submit to the cause but maybe once it is set up I could come and help?

  4. Heychez

    Hello, My name is Helen and I am 25 years old. For along time I have been wanting to live off grid. I am a very hard worker, passionate and creative. I am very good at making things with my hands. I want to build my own home and grow my own food and keep animals. I am becoming more and more at one with nature and I want to live off the land. Living economically and with less but being creating and using different ideas from modern eco friendly technology is the way forward. I have experience of growing my own food and agriculture. I also have experience with construction learning skills from my dad throughout my life. I have recently come back from rural Tanzania Africa where I have been living for 3 months working on a entreprenurship programme in aid to develop the village in regards to the Dairy Industry. Here it became even more clear to me that my destiny is to live off grid and off the land and be resourceful with what I have. As I have been working for free in Africa I do not have much savings but I am doing many things to generate income and soon start work. I am hoping nearer to the end of the year I will have enough money to invest in an off grid life. I am very excited determine and passionate to learn and grow within the off grid life style. :) If I had enough money to go halfs with you on the finances I would partner with you straight away. Unfortunately I dont have this money. But I am very interested in what you are doing as this sounds very much like something I want to do in the future. I current live in England, North Midlands. It would be awesome to stay in touch as I would be more then happy to visit your developing project and give a helping hand and in return learn afew things :) I look forward to sharing ideas and hearing more from people. Please email me. Thank you Helen.

  5. Tyler Collom

    I would gladly help as I live in London too, if I had the money :( I would love to go off grid and go down the permaulture route but it does require so much money.

  6. parallexmike

    Being off grid and permaculture is definitely the way to go, livestock just an added bonus. Let’s talk

  7. parallexmike

    Willing to go 50-50 and purchase the land if it’s in Australia

  8. Wendi

    I think this sounds amazing! I’m am also disgusted with the unnecessary cruelty and suffering!

  9. BobbyKorona

    Hello Mel …. from Bob in sunny Florida … wish you luck with your project … have a grate day …. :)