I am looking for a honest man for who does not take loyalty lightly, who would be interested to make a life change and join me to build with me on a simple off the grid fully sustainable small eco farm.
Some one who has, or is willing to learn survive skills,primitive methods , how to build from natural materials and would be interested and willing to work to provide things, rather than work to provide money to buy the things we are told we need.You should have a desire to have a close and deep relationship with your partner to take care for each other and to live fully sustainable as priority Number one in your live the, same you could also except from me.You should be open to spirituality and wanting to express yourself as a human being.My plan is to find a suitable piece of land in a very spiritual place in South America with very mild Climate average Temperatures 20 – 24 C,surounded by mountains, rivers and creeks.You should be free to relocate have no baggage and have a open mind,your age does not matter to me ,what matters to me is who you are inside.
If all this sounds appealing to you contact me and lets talk about it

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18 Responses to “Looking for a man who wants to live simple fully off the grid”

  1. canuck111

    Hi, I already have a place in canada but would like a second option for winters///Maybe could lead to being south full time, who knows. We would have to find out if we are compatible….send me a line please… Brad importland@yahoo.ca

  2. kyle

    I would love to try this and I agree with you on the loyalty with your partner would like to talk more about your offer

  3. Zeth

    It’s awesome to find someone who has the same ideals as one. I was looking into digging a hole above the skirt of a mountain and turning it into a sustainable shelter. I don’t need much more than the basics to be okay. I don’t know what to tell you, really. I don’t have anything, not even money. I’m not emotionally attached to much anymore and it makes the path to spirit so much simpler.
    Contact me via email, if you’re interested.
    Much Love.

  4. Parker

    A quick addition as to why I stress getting to know the person you’ll be with: 22 years ago, another marine, whom I’d known for 8 years, decided we’d go off grid together – as friends. We knew each other’s capabilities. What I didn’t know about his was that he was wanted in 3 states for felony charges and was in deep debt.
    I’m not here to dash your dreams, only wish the best for all of you. These days, it’s simple and inexpensive to get an extensive background check.
    Again, all the best

  5. Parker

    As a female marine, looking to do the same within a few years, I’d recommend to ANYONE to get to know whomever you’re looking to share accommodations and life. I’m almost 49 years old, finishing school to be a naturopathic physicians assistant. This is a huge move, should not be taken lightly. Be cautious of anyone who’s quick to pull the trigger/rush into things.
    Locally, you should be able to find other living off grid, get their input on preparedness and where they found the information on which not base their foundation. It can easily be done. Make certain you’re doing it with the best person.
    All the best,

  6. Andy Victorious

    Hi, it`s so nice to notice more people awaken and eager to put words to action. I am that I am. A spiritual place in south America, near the new resting place of “the serpent of light”. The spiritual centre of earth in the next astronomical cycle. That would be great! I am working with fellows here from Norway on many projects in association with our worlds ascendence. I have magic hands, a re-programed value and belief system and have let go of everything.

  7. Terry Hoots

    email me and I will send my number am 59 and Raised on a Farm, German/Native American in North Carolina, never married, no kids, no baggage, dont smoke, drink, nor do drugs, hardly ever curse, believe in Spirit in the Sky…Mother Nature is Queen,,,,Creature is King….very good with my hands and know how to survive….

  8. Casey C.

    Hi. I am 25, working as a contractor for the US Gov. I grew up on a farm, and currently going off grid. My first crop this year is solely for seed saving (all heirloom non-GMO). Started a red wiggler worm compost in order to obtain worm tea. I already have hundreds of acres of land. If you wanted to talk more about it and willing to consider relocating to a different zone (the usda zone I live in within South Carolina’s eastern coast allows for growing just about anything, even winter crops such as cabbage etc, corn and okra grows without effort here), just send me an email caseycockfield@gmail.com . All others interested as well please let me know your skills. If you have experience with alternative energy that would be great, I have the farming pretty much down pat but always open to learning.

  9. clint

    Hello , My name is clint im packed, I have my passport and enough money to get started . I am an avid outdoorsman ,survivalist, Marine , Ex law enforcement , angisbitch@yahoo.com , I have references and lots of connections in South America , Currently living in South Carolina . Ready when you are!

  10. lorenzo

    Hi Kakimka,

    I’m a french man about 39 years old looking for the same. If you wanna talk about it : lorrenzoDOTvivaATyahoo.fr


  11. Josue


    contact me..cannot discuss secret plan on a public forum

  12. William Ironside

    Would be interested in a community of off gridders. Im 51

  13. Trent

    Hello, my name is Trent. I’m 21. I live in illinois. I’ve been doing a lot of studying about moving off grid now for a few years. It’s been my dream since I was 10. I just love living in the wilderness I go camping every chance I get. I love fishing and hunting basic knowledge in that category. I know basics of survival trapping and building. I can always learn more from a more experienced person. I’m always willing to learn. I know its past the date you put but I was gonna try my luck on getting ahold of you. My email is tmfp18@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you. Best of luck.

  14. Dennis

    Hi Kakimka,

    I would like to know more about you, your plans, and your experiences living off-grid.

    I have been a property caretaker living in some very remote places since 2006. I have lived off-grid on a couple of occasions during that time. I have pretty good survival skills, yet still there is a lot to learn and experience living off-grid.

    I am very interested in off-grid living on a permanent basis, applying solar to the homestead, learning about greenhouse gardening, permaculture, and living a simple yet fantastic life!

    I have been looking for a small 2-5 acre parcel in the U.S., but would not be totally adverse to considering another plan outside the US.

    Actually, I have been thinking about visiting Ecuador and Costa Rica within the next few years.

    So, tell me more about yourself and let’s see if our minds, souls, and aspirations click.

    My personal email address is driven501@gmail.com if you want to communicate with me on more of a personal level.

    best to you,


  15. Gregf

    Someone should take her offer, she knows everything ;-)

  16. parallexmike

    Hello Kakimka , I am a 51 Year old personal trainer From New York City, Currently planning on making the same move. But I was thinking Belize. A couple of months ago I started selling all of my nonessentials on EBay, which is actually turning out better than I thought. I have no baggage, no ties to the U.S., No debt, the skills with a Bow that were unmatched by most of my friends, also have been blessed with a green thumb. Your plan is everyone’s dream. Perhaps if you included a little more information on yourself such as age and gender and your intentions lol (didn’t know how else to put that) you might find someone that is financially stable enough to make the move with you. Living off the grid cost a little bit of cash in the beginning but you could soon be money free once you acquire all the basics such as land with no property tax, solar panels, a water catchment system or well water ”for that you might have to dig yourself”. I would also be nice to have someone to trade with within three or 4 miles. When I make my move I don’t plan on having a TV and hopefully I won’t need Internet “should be some type Internet cafe less than a 2 hour walk” just in case you need to order stuff that breaks down, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some type of annuity setup so you can have some type of income going into your bank account that you probably will never use, but just in case, you know :-0. In the beginning I was thinking of doing it with someone as well but it seemed difficult to find someone in my age group that didn’t need premium healthcare lol. I been uncovering several affordable shelters that would be suitable for off the grid living, most of them you build yourself, the more elaborate ones you have to have at least three people helping you. Also one of my dilemmas, if I go by myself I have to do the small simple one that I have to put together myself with no help.
    Kinda difficult to find these threats once posted, but I do hope to hear from you.
    Wouldn’t mind sharing thoughts.
    Good luck and take care.

  17. Gatlin

    I’m Gatlin i am 21 years young, self sustaining i work constantly and provide a mean for myself and family. I have no kids i am a highschool grad have not found what i want from life so no college experience. I am inexperienced in survival techniques and willing to learn with a open mind. I do not know what i want from life, but i do know it is not working for the next 45 years only to retire in a fema trailer. i Come from a small native american reservation town i have not experienced the world on my own or taken my own destiny to its potential. i feel i must be in touch with nature and mother earth in order to find my next step in life. Survival is my only priority I do not wish to make money start a company or work for someone that goes against my beliefs. I am young, hard headed, competent, and willing to sweat and bleed for a life with the earth. I love music, being in touch with the environment around me, striving for a place of peace and serenity. I have few habits i smoke cigarettes, drink occasionally but am willing to forgo and sacrifice pleasures, I am a advocate for holistic remedies, I have learned few herbs and common plants through research and trial. This life in cities and concrete jungles cannot be the life that was given to us I look forward to becoming a better person tomorrow than i am today. Please message me back if we share common traits I would be ecstatic to talk and discuss more before committing to a new life