I have 20 acres of 0ff-grid land at 6600 ft, north of St. Johns Arizona on which I spend my summers in my self contained, solar powered, RV.  I’m looking to share the land with someone who has and RV  and similar land in Southern Arizona or similar warmer climes in the SW on which I can share in the winter.  The land has Verizon cell phone access but no other amenities.   Summer temps average about 85 F. with records in the mid 90s.  Evenings are cool.  My solar and wind could easily supply two RV’s with enough power to run all typical RV appliances except AC which shouldn’t be needed.  Neighbors are widely disbursed and friendly if a bit nontraditional.  Gardening and/or construction skills would be appreciated.  I can supply electrical and RV maintenance sills.

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