Looking for like minded people to go off grid living.

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6 Responses to “Looking to purchase land and go off grid”

  1. Jillian Vriend

    We are starting up a community on a 700 acre ranch in rural Mexico, about three hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Already have spring water infrastructure, hundreds of fruit trees, remote and safe location with a river running through, and a solar set up. We are one of the owners here and could share the acre we have with someone who wants to build a cob structure (as we are now) or you can buy a lot through the primary owner and build your own structure on it. Our vision is a community based on sustainability, our healing path, and individual sleeping/living structures but communal meals and shared resources/money. ideally a gift exchange based community. Please visit our website at soulfullheart.com for more about us.

  2. J. Bever

    Our 32 acre maple syrup farm is for sale. Ready to move in. Solar and wind. 430 tap pipeline to the sap house. Pasture and hay field. Private yet 8 miles to town. Excellent water. 2 farm ponds. Log sided and steel roofed house barn shed and sugar shack. Lots of others in this area with same lifestyle. Amish have moved here last few years. Please call for more info. 518-495-7028 asking $150,000. Equipment available for very low price. 2 woostoves. 1 floor living. 1 bedroom. Sunroom can add 2 more. Beautiful agricultural area and farm income.

  3. Chelsey

    I think the best place for off grid living in near a mountain base. You have lots of fresh natural water streams. I will be starting to look for land probably either in Tennessee Mountains or North Carolina Mountains.

    Jody…..that place sounds like heaven! There are a lot of communities much like what you described and they’ve been around for years!

    Would love to talk more about this to anyone who is interested.

    Email is ChelseyLShaw@gmail.com

  4. Jody

    Yes, me as well. One thing I am finding though is most communities of “like minded” start making committees, organizing, setting by-laws and becoming corporation type entities. I would love to find a like minded, co-op, sharing space. You actively participate in the community, your contribution is your skill. Everyone benefits from everyone. Maybe that mindset is to simplistic or idealistic and people in general need to set rules and try to control? I hope not, I hope some day we can get to a group community where it is not about $, big biz, government or governing and is about the community taking care of it’s own and beyond. Maybe I am just crazy

  5. Samantha

    I would love to live off the grid ! You can email me at samantha.phillips51@yahoo.com

  6. olivmarie

    We are starting an off-grid space in southern Missouri. You can email me at olivmarie03@yahoo.com if you would like to discuss further.