I am 31 army vet medically discharged, I hike and love the outdoors. I lived on a property from family for one year by my self and gathered my own foods grown foods caught foods and cut my own wood and built myself stuff around the place and lives with solar powered stuff.  I have a cast knowledge of survival and off grid living, building, self taught herb man, and just looking for someone to go out and spend life building somewhere or being in a community.

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8 Responses to “Looking for person or community”

  1. Forest Anasazi

    Unsure if you found what you are searching for, but contact me.

  2. Forest Anasazi

    Unsure if you found what you are searching for, but contact me. I have the property.

  3. Frosty gazelle

    Ask me for my number let’s text , I email you guys and no one follows through

  4. Daniel

    I have always wanted to live off the grid with a few other like minded people. I am Ex-Military, Homeless, and I draw a small VA Pension monthly that might be helpful…
    If anyone is looking to take on an extra body, I am 36 year old male… Thanks

  5. TheLen

    Hello Frosty. Being a military minded person and brat from my late father, I have always got along with the kind of person you have a background as. My name is Len and was wondering if you are still looking to add a little more assistance to your homesteading plot? I would like to talk to you if you are interested as this could be a great learning point as well as yo show what I am capable of showing or even providing assistance with. I am physically fit and not afraid to get down and dirty as well as showing hard work for someone who could use an extra helping hand. I lived in the mountains on N.C. for a brief stint semi off-grid living with the wood stove and natural spring water however I would like to learn more than I already know. I have experimented with creating electricity successfully as well as finding water sources, perma-culture development, livestock, hunting, fishing, construction and other small types of crop development and maintaining also. Just to give you a leisure idea of what some of my capabilities are. I have started to study a lot about solar installations as well as this would be something that I would like to implement on a homestead one day that I look to purchase and to build off of if this may same feasible if you have the extra land for development opportunities. If you could maybe email me at your earliest convenience so we could possibly discuss this more in detail this would be great. My email is itvfbapp at gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Moongazer

    37, Female (also an Army vet) looking for one or two like-minded folks to start a small off-grid homestead. Looking to buy land and start building next year. Location is negotiable, just looking at rural land with limited building restrictions. Interested in someone who would like to invest in the land with me OR someone to help build, grow food, raise animals (goats, chickens, etc.) in exchange for free room and board on my land. If interested, email adrilee22@hotmail.com. :)

  7. Frosty Gazelle

    You can also email me at hippielove4ev@gmail.com thanks