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My name is Michael and I own some property in Lucas, Iowa. Sadly it is not a humongous acreage, however it is zone free and big enough for several domiciles as it is a third of an acre. ( around 46000sf )
I have big plans, but shallow pockets.
I am looking at putting up several new 2 story garage/apartments sold as a material package via Menard’s ( $19.000 )and making both levels livable, and off-grid, mounting panels, along with wind energy.
Could drill a well, but also could just use the current sewage system and water that is available to connect to on property also.
Lots of possibilities.
Looking for people who have the desire and stamina and possibly some know how, to make this happen. ( I am thinking no more then 3 families or persons to start with)
I know the property could easily support 4 of these structures, however I would like to leave some land available for gardens and what-not.
This property is not in the boonies, however there aren’t even 100 people in the town, and there are jobs around in Chariton, and Osceola.
Plenty of room to park travel trailers to stay in during build process.
Trees around property other then to south which has a great sun opening for panels.
Open to your ideas and possibilities.

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