Hello my name’s Bruce  I have been dreaming about going off-grid and trying to push the boat out for a long while. I’m not afraid to say I need help setting this up,  basically I don’t know where to start

The location:

location would ideally be nearer the Bristol area. as I would still like to keep a part of the modern life socially and a life full of culture.

The home:

My ideal situation is to build my own little tiny home for a family for the future. Ideally this home will be 100% off grid, made from recycled parts, or at least working towards being fully self-sufficient (designs still being finalised).  I have an understanding about planning law in the UK being a building surveyor.  Ideally there would be a business stream to help others experience off-grid living  and help support the community.

The Land:

I’ve been dreaming about being self-sufficient on the land and it is always continuously changing . I love the idea of permaculture, and polycropping.  however I have been intrigued with the idea of going a forestry garden and working with nature and the soil. I have personally tried many different ways to improve soil.

My skills:

  • I’m a building surveyor by trade.  With an extensive building background knowledge 10 years.

  • I have grown up on a farm, and the household garden and allotment has always been a thing through my childhood through to adult life.  currently have an allotment in Bristol where I have been trying out different ideas.  no dig, perennial Vegetable growing.  

  • I am a keen forager, a mushroom foraging for at least 3 years

  • Also a keen bushcraft background,  and living off the land.

  • Many other skills if you want to talk let me know. 
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What I’m looking for and when others decide to join we (list might change):


  • I would love to get a community of a few people (family) to live together and work the land off grid and self sustaining, with a vision of potentially any business Adventures which might come from this.

  • Ideally this person (or family) would have the capacity to help purchase land with me or If this is not in your capacity land renting/leasing. Or other agreed methods of exchange.  

  • This is not essential, would love to have people who are keen in new education, away from the broken system.

  • Who is creative in their own way  musically or other.

  • Again not essential but who is into holistic healing.

You can email me directly but please leave a note on www.off-grid.net Just in case your email gets spammed


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4 Responses to “Join up to get Land, share dreams, go off grid, Forest Gardening & more”

  1. Rozi

    I have 2 allotments in Bucks which I a really just starting out but have looked into permaculture, no dig organic growing and hydroponics. The goal is self sufficiency, at least in that area. I have some carpentry skills (of necessity) and so have managed to hand doors, lay laminates and build from timber built in wardrobe (projects on the go). I am keen to learn about that kind of life as in awe of anyone doing it. A community farm sounds like something I would love to build up and into holistic health. A teacher of psychology by profession and educationalist who loves to learn especially about human potential and resilience. Believe you should pass on what you learn so love to teach and coach too. The system is definitely broken and needs people to step up and help the change happen. It can!!

  2. eve graham

    Hi Bruce, Its great to hear of your plans to do this in the uk. I am also in the uk and very interested but tied into my house and children in school. I suppose I am keen to see your journey and gain inspiration for my own journey, possibly in a few years, all the best, yvette

  3. Bruce

    Thank you very much for your wishes.
    I have been looking into the planning law a lot since joining and posting myself online. And I can honestly say this is not going to be an easy. maybe stealth van camping, appears to be easier. however I shall endeavour to pursue, and hopefully other people will be able to help and get this project off the ground at least point in the right direction

  4. Graham


    Personally I wish you luck because building anything off grid or unique in the UK is hard. If you get anything done/built make a youtube video and post the link I will watch and see what’s going on.

    Good luck