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First I will share a quote from an old book of mine. “Your life is a story, be proud of the pages you write.”

I am a 27 year old male and I’m part of a family sized group. We are 3 adults, 3 teenage children, and 2 young ones. Living off grid and creating a life for ourselves, independent of non-personal rule, is a goal of ours. We are seeking others who want to do the same!

We are open to all possibilities. Ultimately though, we are seeking a large enough area of land to purchase and utilize effectively. We’re talking green houses, renewable energy, healthy living, art, music, building, research&record, inventiveness, togetherness- Co-Creation!

We bring many skills and abilities to the table. I have created a list of potential options. I have found various areas of land for sale. We have money and would be willing to combine funds with other people to achieve these things!

I know we’re not the only ones currently doing this. We believe it’s the best path to a life worth living. Knowing how to live independent of grocery stores, electric companies, gov’t agencies, etc. is probably one of the most valuable things an individual can have. Otherwise, you would still be dependent on things you have no control of.

Anywho, Looking for others who share a similar vision! We are thinking about Alaska. We are open to other places too! Central America looks like a solid option as well! This is our attempt to reach out because we would love to do this with other people.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to it!

All the best,


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5 Responses to “Looking for others. Co-Creation Co-mmunity”

  1. Beckyncharles

    My husband and I are looking for something similar to this idea. He is a diesel mechanic with lots of skills in the mechanic field while I am a college educated woman with an open mind and a willingness to perform hard work as well. I have great culinary skills, I have farming skills from my childhood (gardening, livestock care, etc) and would love go hear more about your ideas.

  2. Angel88


    Hey there! Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to read our post =)

    That sounds awesome! Good for you guys to really head out and tackle this lifestyle. We are definitely interested in hearing more about your situation and seeing what you might be open to.

    I can give you more detailed information about ourselves for sure. Please email me-
    Eventually, I would love a phone conversation. Looking forward to hearing back from you. (We are serious about this!)

    All the best,


  3. hippiecoupleof6

    Where are you located? maybe a little more about yourselves? we recently purchased 70 acres in the kiamichis in okla. We have been trying to locate people like minded and wanting to build a community together

  4. Angel88


    Thank you for your encouraging words!
    Are you interested in partaking in this adventure with us?!

    All the best,


  5. Justine

    It is a amazing post. I have been looking for something like that foor ages.