[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello I’m am a single man living in Waterloo, wondering if there are any other off-grid people around looking to start a community maybe in northern Ontario or who already have something going and are looking for others to join them. Hope I can find some other people looking for the same thing :)[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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19 Responses to “Looking for other off-grid people”

  1. Chris

    After everything that is going on in our society today and I have been wondering about living off the grid for the past two years I think it is time to start. If anybody can give me advice or places to go I prefer woods somewhere where it’s warm year-round. I want to find something like a commune where I would not be isolated and have a community of like-minded people that could teach me the skills I need and I also can share my valuable experiences as a maintenance mechanic. Cnite77@gmail.com

  2. wolf

    Hi my name is wolf I’m 26 years old looking to move off grid i don’t have much but i work really hard and have a strong back I’m an electrician and carpenter by trade i can hunt fish and grow food i don’t want or need much just land and honestly and freedom i have been on my own since I was 16

  3. Tina

    Me too!! I need to live off grid i cant stand it anymore. I live in NYC and i want so badly to live off grid. I was thinking Maine as its cheap and mostly wilderness. The Mountains are lush and animals roam all over them, wild turkey, moose, deer etc every kind of birds too. I want to do this with others as i am a woman and i dont feel safe alone. I meditate and i am hard working as well, i worked in Restaurants all my life, i want to try pit greenhouse. Its mostly underground with a glass roof. For cold climates. The weather is harsh in Maine but so cheap. But im up for another location i also read in Zeta talk pole shift. That New England will raise up while many states will be destroyed during the shift tsunamis earthquakes etc, we need to be in an area free of gas and power plants etc. Also feel free email me if you like this. tlmsunset@outlook.com Thank you.

  4. Quinn

    Hey I am a 17 year old that is looking for a off-grid community in Ontario that i could join i have been planing to do this for the last 3 years and i have finally decided that i am sure this is what i want to do so if anybody is part of or can help me find an off-grid community then i would really appreciate it if they can message me at quinn81999@outlook.com

  5. rahki cobey

    Hey I’m in search of people who wanna live an off grid free lifestyle connected spiritually to themselves and mother earth raising crops and animals I have experience in wilderness survival,hunting fishing sewing,plant growing carpentry and concrete experience I wanna do this somewhere warm year round and tropical so I can grow plants all year round I am very serious about this so please contact me at rahkiecobey@Gmail.com please serious people only I’m tired of the selfish evil human mindset most Americans are stuck on and I dont want to live in a place like that anymore

  6. Ryan

    Ashley, please contact me at ruggedroofing777@gmail.comI have been starting to entertain the idea of going about this endeavor with government permission and I’d love to connect with you and see if maybe you could find some use for my muscles. ;) I’m 27 6′ and like long walks through the woods. ;) ruggedroofing777@gmail.com

  7. Ontario

    Ashley where are you looking in Ontario?

  8. Ashley

    Hey everyone , I am looking into buying property for the upcoming winter . Planning on living completely off grid . A few people in the area already live the off grid lifestyle .

    I am looking for other people seeing as I am a young woman and know that working the land will be very difficult .

    I’d love to connect with other off-griders , or even find someone to share the land with .

    If interested please message :)

  9. Trevor Zaha

    Hi, don’t know where to start so here we go. Looking for community small/large new or older established. Have many skills from growing up in Utah wilds spent majority of life hunting, fishing, and camping. Also spent time in Army 4 years over seas ,but I do not have the mindset anymore of Army more like the mindset of a happy hobbit looking for my eden. I am very fit able to build and work 18plus hours a day. I also have a green thumb for gardens, hoop house, and my newest found food production AQUAPONICS which takes low water use a must have.
    I think that is enough for the idea I am ready and real about it please only email if you are real I am ready please respond to email currently in Cali. Looking for Cali, Oregon, Alaska or Northern Territory.

    Thank you

  10. valerie

    Hubby, our son (16 months) and I want to start living like this. We would probably start in a tiny house trailer, but i would love to be a part of a community, as long as I have a place to grow fruits and veggies… coming together and starting a community sounds amazing.

  11. Lisa

    Im totally ready to live on land off grid. Been off grid on water for 3 yr now but need to garden lol

  12. Eddie

    I have live off the grid in short runs (a month here and there) took my atv from fl to grand canyon just used canned food , but I am ready now at 48 to do this permanently, Just dont like the being alone 24/7 thing. want to buy some land eventually to build my log home after I get the travel bug done . I am looking for someone or a group to join email eddiedaman_1@hotmail.com

  13. Coop

    Been tossing the idea around forever. I’d love to do it but defiantly would like to have a small community with others.

  14. Bee


  15. Angele

    I am in the process of selling my home and looking for a place to live in my “tiny home”. I am open to investing in property, work – sharing, or renting. I am comfortable with animals and somewhat have a farming back ground. Have previously lived off grid but as I got older only lived off grid in the summer. Relocation in Canada or UK is possible.

  16. Barticus

    Already fallen “off grid” and am about to “Wonderlust” for a year or two. On return I will be looking foe an “off grid” community. Skills include project management, tourism, high end catering and sourcing, advanced TEFL. Looking at Scotland (if they go independent) or Ireland. Personal aims would be to help create a sustainable “off grid” community that would exist beyond the parameters of how EVERYONE else is forced to live.

    Please, please no time wasters or wanabees..


  17. Jonell

    Hi, Aiden – We would like to hear more about what you are looking for – please email me with more about your family and what your goals are.

  18. Aiden

    Hey I’m 23 years old me and my girlfriend and daughter (who is 5) are in the process of saving money and making plans because society is just not for is. The TV shows, the kids at my daughters school, being controlled by the government, ect we have plenty of reasons, but its so expensive we will probably be saving until we are almost 30. I have thought about buying land and building a house to avoid mortgage payments and maybe save a couple thousand in the long run but I’m starting to realize we will need more help. I have my mind set on going off the grid but it is just hard to start, a small off the grid community would be perfect for us.