Please read the location. Ontario Canada.  There is 35 acres with lots of wildlife, ponds and running artesian well water.  Looking for a single guy or couple over 40.  Experience in off grid systems.  I have 2 greenhouses.  Not looking for another husband thanks. I am very happy on my own and always have lots on the go , like building this place on my own for the last 4 years.  I do need help though and am willing to help others.  The time to look at spots is now while the bugs are gone.   PLEASE do not contact me for info when you do not meet my criteria. We are all busy getting ready for winter.  Thank you 

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4 Responses to “Looking off grid renters”

  1. Dan

    I am a 50 year old responsible and healthy handyman that can fix or build just about anything and really looking to unplug from modern civilization. Would love to find out more about your parcel of land and see how I can contribute!

  2. dot houston

    Also I don’t why I am getting notification a month later?? Sorry but this site needs some work. I have sent an email from the one in the email to me.Thank you I hope you are still looking.

  3. dot houston

    Please see my email to you. I don’t know where the reply went I just posted?

  4. Peter Arsenault.

    I am interested. I am 62 male very experienced in off grit. I can build just about anything. I’m very healthy non vaccine. I have a friend a woman who I would like to take who is very experienced in canning goods and gardens. Also I can hunt and fish. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.