Looking for a place for me and my dog to park up and stay long term. Happy to help with hands on maintenance etc…


I’m a practical person who loves enjoying the outdoors, extreme sports and culture.

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4 Responses to “Looking for an off grid location”

  1. bryn

    hi providing the sale doesn’t fall through i will soon be the owner of a few acres and a small stone house just over the welsh border from herefordshire. you’d be welcome to park up here in exchange for a bit of help fixing up the house


    get in touch

  2. Alana

    Some questions that myself and possibly others have:
    -Primary reason for wanting to go off-grid?
    -Previous experience w/ off-grid?
    -Long term as in months or years?
    -Does location matter?
    -Any set of skills that might specifically be of use on a homestead?
    -Breed (or at least size) of dog?
    -Are you financially able to care for yourself or will you need a source of income?
    Just some basic questions that are usually addressed between hosts/visitors…. :)

    • Mananddog

      Thanks for the comment :-)

      Primary reason would be to leave a lot of the materialistic side of life behind. Be more self sufficient.

      I have no previous experience with it, but am a keen camper.

      I have no set time frame in mind, just going to go with the flow as it were :-)

      Location wise at the moment it needs to be fairly close to where I work (within 15 miles max). I work in Monmouth, South Wales.

      I’m a very practical person. I know basics of electrics, wood work, building, bushcraft etc. But always keen to learn new skills and better my current. I would always be happy to help where ever I can on site :-)

      My dog is called Buddy, a 2 year old cocker spaniel cross collie. About the size of a springer spaniel.

      I have a full time job which will sufficiently provide for me and Buddy.

      Thanks :-)