Hello everyone,

I am a guy who is looking for a community, who need people to help them out in their developpement.

I have no experience, but i am a hard worker who is willing to learn and contribute. Iam a single guy in good physical condition with no children. Im able and willing to travel across Canada and maybe the United States.

Im a free tinker, a quiet person who loves nature and animals, my goal is to acquire the set of skills i need to become self sufficient, and help others in the process.

I have been a slave all my life, even tho i knew and felt that there was something very wrong with the way we were taught to live. The way we were programmed at a very young age.

I am very lucky and gratefull that i manage to wake up, break free and see the world for what it really is.

If anyone is interested, please contact me at fritz.jean@hotmail.com

I wish you all a life full of freedom.




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