[before_listing images= youtube=null] Recently, I’ve been trying to transition to moneylessness. I managed to stop using money myself and get rid of my material possessions, but Indiana doesn’t seem a very freegan-friendly place.

And since it’s been cold, I’ve been pretty much just mooching off the money of my family and friends. Despite not spending any money, I’m just absorbing all their money-bought resources myself, which, for me, is essentially just using the money indirectly, and doesn’t really fit with my values.

I feel like it would be easier with a network of like-minded people and more community resources. As it is now, I don’t know anyone else who wants to be off-grid, moneyless, freegan, or even really eco-friendly. And I have no idea how to find other people like this, either. So this is where I’m going to start!

If you are living a freegan or off-grid lifestyle, or wanting to start and want to brainstorm ideas, and also interested in volunteering and giving to the community and starting or increasing (if there is one already that I don’t know about!) a healthy and friendly network of similarly-minded people in Indiana, please respond! I’d love to meet you and talk about what we know and where to go next.

Especially as it will (hopefully!) be getting warmer soon enough, now is a great time for starting new projects and lifestyle changes.

I’m a laid-back guy who respects everyone and has no prejudices. I like spending a lot of time alone, but enjoy friendships with other free-spirited people. I am easy to get along with albeit initially very shy. I am always up for trying new things and learn quickly, and am good at teaching, too.

I’m not picky about the future and like having all kinds of experiences, so I’d really love to hear from anyone and everyone in the area who is interested in growing their support group and doing stuff together either as a small group or as a growing community :) Feel free to comment here with your email or whatever, and drop me a line, too.

I spend about half my time on the south side (Greenwood) and the other half on the west side (Speedway/Avon), though I tend to have more freedom/availability when I’m south :) I also don’t mind walking far. I’ve walked 6+ hours in the rain to give someone a Wii game (and hitched a ride back).

thaao@outlook.com[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Looking for moneyless or off-grid friends and…”

  1. Beemow

    Hey there,

    I am transitioning(slowly) to a moneyless lifestyle. Mostly have been doing research in all things related. If you are still looking for someone to collaborate with, give me an email.

  2. Joe Werle

    I have a 2 acre ‘farm’ on the eastside with the vision of a permaculture farm with the house being used for a group home with potential for disabled vets, or garden workers who will create a permaculture center. If you are still in the Indpls area we could meet and maybe you could move there to help out. text to 317 557 2595 Joe or http://www.jwrpvacancies.blogspot.com

  3. parallexmike

    Hello Thaao!!
    I’ve been doing a lot of research on off the grid living with a little to no money and it still seems virtually impossible, you’re going to need some money, at least in the beginning.
    I’ve been looking into earth sheltered homes, they are very cost effective, and virtually no upkeep, solar panels are a definite as well as a composting toilet. Well water would be nice but rain water catchment system would be OK. There are several that can be built with the help of a couple friends, they’re like little kits (DIY) made from COLFIBREX, but there are several other companies out there that are willing to ship to the U.S. Keep in mind these homes are all anywhere from $50,000 $75,000 for a small two-bedroom two bath.
    Now the kicker is finding land with no property tax,, in the U.S.
    Believe it or not it can be done, places like Tok Alaska is beautiful but it gets really cold that’s why I was looking into the dome type shelters, energy efficient and add little solar panels and some geothermal heating and you’re set. Keep in mind they pay you to live in a Alaska “Permanent Fund Dividend” expect that little check every October baby, but you have to live there one full year before you start collecting.
    Also lots of cheap land in Maine with very little property tax, and there’s also good hunting.
    Hopefully you’re young enough to enjoy all the freedoms we have left, because it seems they are cracking down on everything from growing your own food to producing your own electricity, and you’re definitely the scourge of the earth if you have a composting toilet. The U.S. government is always trying to find ways to make money off of people that live here, so to avoid paying the men try to look for areas that don’t have roads schools or any type of amenities. In most states this still might not help your tax situation for the land you live on so you might have to come up with some money at the end of the year if you can’t find tax-free land.
    Once you get everything setup as far as house, a couple of chickens, nice little vegetable garden, good water source you should be free to give up money totally.
    In conclusion we are very like-minded and pretty soon there’ll be more than 6% of the people that want to live off the grid and Money free.

  4. sarah

    I wish you were living and starting this somewhere else. Indiana for a 2 start rating in the book by Joel skousen and it’s all based on facts. There aren’t many places in the south with better ratings . Tennessee and Kentucky got 3 stars. I read a little about why Indiana was rated so low and it’s basically due to social unrest , in the book it states that If anything happened that the people who do rely on cash would come and take all the food from people that are prepared by living that way of life. I am currently looking for the SAME EXACT thing you posted. I wish we could do it upstate BY where I have a friend that has 150 acres and would be willing to let us live off the land there its an idea if you want to think about it. I don’t see anything wrong with trying to live off the land and not be so reliable on money. It’s better for the environment and we could help our surrounding neighbors if there was ever a food shortage and I do believe that may happen for a couple weeks somewhere along the line. The property we have is right by the Amish and they could teach us a lot. E mail me and keep in touch. If anything we can learn a lot from each other. Wishing u ALL the best. :)

  5. Tracy Lawremce

    Google intentional communities in your state. A lot of them are Offgrid, community sharing, permaculture type places. Good luck to you. I live in SC in the woods and live partly Offgrid. I too am working towards money freedom.

  6. ArkyLady

    Hi thaao! I’m also working on living a freegan lifestyle. It’s amazing how much money it takes to even get started LOL

  7. thaao

    Hello :) Thanks for your response! I’ve sent you a somewhat wordy email in reply :)

  8. Dennis

    Hello Thaao. I have been interested in the off grid life as well. And I am a Hoosier in the Greenwood area too. I just moved to the southside of Indy in May of 2013. Small world huh? I’d be interested in hearing your ideas and plans. Feel free to contact me. Take care.