[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi everyone I am looking to move my family off the grid I am a 46 yrs young and my husband is 47 yrs young and we have a 9 yrs old little girl that we want to show her what life is really about that means getting back to our roots the world is going to hell in a hand basket and we want better for her, no more tv, video games, and all the other stuff out there everybody thats an adult know what I’m talking about. I have a Med. Degree and I also know how to cook and sew and I was born in the Carolina’s so I’ve done a lot of living off mother nature and so has my husband he can build a house from the ground up and know all about Irrg. and also knows about automotive also we have alot to give to a commuity we will work hard for the right commuity live and raise a child if you are interested in having us please contact us here and we will swap email addresses – my name is Tammy. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “I’m looking to get my family living off the grid for the better”

  1. Olliep

    My name is Page. I am a 24 year old male Marine.
    The good news: I have 21 acres in the mountains in New Mexico, Well drained, almost a mile above sea level, 30% wooded, relatively flat, beautiful, mild climate. Great growing season.
    The Bad News: I have 3.5 more years on my Marine contract in which I will not be able to begin construction on my land.

    I am looking for someone to work with on my parcel. Hopefully get some things like planting/clearing trees started before I get there. I do not have on site water but there is a guy with a well half a mile down the road that sells it pretty cheaply and rain is 15″ a year so with the right setup, you can get all youll need.

    I have a full design and layout ready for me when I get out. It has been 2 years in the making. That said, It only requires me to have about 8 Acres. another 7 Acres will be wooded (I cant stand not having woods nearby.) This leaves about 6 acres unaccounted for. Now If done efficiently, we could share the same agricultural/ livestock space and keep the 6 acres wild. I dont mind this.

    What I would need: I need someone on site to start basically practicing good husbandry and landkeeping. With proper animal care, crop growing, and maintenance, I think that the land could see yields well beyond my needs. Therefore, Im not opposed to sharing. I can discuss all plans with you at length and you can set up your own establishment, as well as start cultivating land. When I get there, I can build my own shelter (will probably need a hand) and then we work together on the land. The time before I get there, the land would be free use to you as long as you are continuing to work on it towards the common plans we’ve discussed. In approx 3.5 years when I arrive, I will be there to exchange help, knowledge, and resources. At this point I will charge rent based on the land you are using as your own. (depending on size $100-1000 a month) This rate is negotiable and can be decided before or after I arrive.

    If you are interested, I will give you some pictures of what I am working on as well as a rough outline of whats going on and we can discuss it further.
    Things to note, I plan on having kids, pigs, a dairy cow, chickens. I am libertarian, christian, and not a hippy. Just cheap. I am an Eagle Scout, Marine, and used to teach wilderness survival. I know quite a bit about a lot of things. I am an old fashioned guy just looking to raise a family to read books, play outside on nice days and play board games together on rainy days. I hate desk jobs and being indoors.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Nicole

    Hi Tammy
    Have you found what you are looking for. My husband and I own 20 acres of wooded property in Missouri. We have 6 kids 5 girls and a new baby boy. I homeschool he works as a computer engineer. I would love to chat sometime.

  3. Danny

    Hello all
    I would like to introduce myself. First of all I am 65 years old and still in good shape. Still work full time 80 to 90 hours a week. I need to get away from that and enjoy my life. I now live in Florida but looking to find a place that I and or some people can start a community or join one that has already gotten started. I have done construction all my life and I enjoy doing things with my hands. I do not smoke gave that up about 30 years ago. I do drink now and then. I have lived off the grid for a year or two in my life and loved it wish I would have never lift it. I have built my own home from the ground up with out the help of contractors and remodeled homes in my life..
    I would like to find a place that is off any main road, with running water if possible mostly woods with part of the land cleared. Would like to have it where there would be the area for a community garden and for the livestock and the homes would be off from that area.
    I would like to have a place with in a year even if I was the only one there setting the area up tell others could join.
    If any one may be interested drop me a line and lets chat and see if we cant work this out.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Jonell

    Hi Tammy! I’d like to hear more about what you are looking for. My husband and I are still looking for the right family to come out this way. There is available land by us for sale as well as our own land.

  5. Matt

    My name is Matt. Between me and my fiance, we have 6 kids. We har talked about off the grid livin for awhile now. And with the state of the world its looking like a better idea every day.

    I am 30 and live in North Carolina. I consider myself a jack of all trades and master of none. I can cook, hunt/fish, trap, do construction, farm and am mechanically inclined. I am a former army sniper, so if things every really went south, I have that training as well.

    I am very interested in hearing more of your thoughts and possibly seeing where we could go together as a group. Please Email me and let me know. Thanks.


  6. Connie

    Would love to hear more about your plans.
    I, too, am looking to move off grid and to a simpler lifestyle. I already have plenty of experience in organic farming, solar energy, permaculture, and raising animals for food, milk and fiber. Please contact me to exchange ideas. Blessings4ewe@AOL.COM

  7. MM

    Hi Tammy,
    My family and I are also keen to move off grid. We have a seedling of a plan in mind so far, and would like to start a community of approx. 16 like-minded committed families living on 160 acres of fertile land that supports crops and livestock. This fantastic piece of property is located in beautiful British Columbia. Pls email me directly at melindamather@yahoo.ca if you are interested in getting more info.

  8. JDC

    Suggestion: go slowly. Buy remote now – as far away as you can. Shop at garage sales. Prepare. Don’t go till kid is 13 (all girls go nuts around then – better to be in the forest). Make transition easy as possible – start with ‘summer cabin’-type effort then go full-time when you have everything in place. Just sayin’…..

  9. JDC

    Suggestion: Find OTG place soon – stay where you are for now. Start slowly. Build infrastructure first. Buy wisely (garage sales, junk yards, etc.). Plan for a transition time – and use it. Go as far away as you can. Wait till kid is 12 – (all girls go nuts at 14 – good place to be is off the grid). Good luck.

  10. michelle38

    Hello from California, your family sounds amazing! Good for you in taking that Ginormous step in going off grid! Best of luck and Well wishes to you and yours!