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Me = Male, 55, Aries, No wife, no kids, no ties.

I am a non-institutionalized human. I practice non-compliance. No diplomas, no certificates. No worshiping. No licenses or insurance’s. Highly self-educated & previously a contractor, I built my own recording and rehearsal studio and believed I was happy. Then I busted UNCLE Sam. This was not a good thing. He has many friends and will never admit a thing.

So I believe I know it all and wait for updates trickling up from the deep. I’m a musician of sorts, a builder for sure and a writer to come they pray not. I’ve been in So Cal. my whole life and tried more than thrice to leave. It’s not easy as you think to leave THINGS when they don’t want you to go.

As my opposition clears, possibilities will open and my awareness of them increase …. meaning, I’m gone when my last dog dies……. and I’m going off grid. It’s a principled choice. Newness needed. I can build a place from the ground up or we could dig down for cheap or….. I could simply take care of/manage your place. I can and have done it all. I love animals & they love me, have a green thumb and can prepare gourmet raw food (vegan) dishes or eat bark and not whine… (not) and I almost made it to Eagle scout as a kid.

I am also aware of alternate energy’s and water possibility’s that go beyond solar and wind…. I would love create some earth magic or ?… mud is OK too. NOTE: I highly recommend you read “Blueprint for a Better World” by Brian Desbourgh and get up to speed. After writing conspiracy books he wrote us answers and more in this. Short & sweet.

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Why did Jack and Jill go “UP” the hill when we all know the water is down the hill? A simple logical answer is in the book but if you can’t wait ask and ye shall receive.

E-mail me.
Personally I have ton’s of energy and am in great shape for my age but …… 19 forever? har har
I love hard work or I could build you a computer from scratch and a website too.
Seriously, soon….
I’m looking to go way off the grid and maybe help out a group or family on open land where I can contribute, teach, build, and appreciate simplicity.

Any Ideas?

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