A big hearty hello to all you like minded people. We are a couple that are very eager to go the off grid life style in a cob house, raising animals and growing plants.

I have mechanical skills (ex army mechanic) and definitely on the “can do anything scale so long as I watch enough Youtube videos first”….even then if it is not on there I would get a book, pay someone to show me, trade labour if they can show me something new or just keep doing it until I get it good enough.

Our plan is to get 10-20 acres of forest and live in it, which we know will be quite the battle. Not so interested in the whole commune idea but very like minded neighbours a 10 minute walk away would be lovely.

If you have similar interests then I think we are stronger together, even if only to discuss solutions to problems. Get in touch alan0732 (   at   )  gmail.com

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