Hi everyone, my name is Louis and i am looking for like minded people to start a small community in Quebec. I am 28 year old God fearing Christian(i do not impose my views on others but i appreciate open mindedness) that wants to live a more simple life, community focused and healthier living. I have enough savings to buy a few acres of lumber land and materials but, where and how are the biggest issue. I can travel to Montreal and Quebec city for meeting up. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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5 Responses to “Looking for like minded people in Quebec”

  1. Jeanne

    Hey there! I am planning an off the grid community and I would love to meet anyone interested in starting one! you might email me here, if you want to meet or talk about common projects : jeanne.pachou@gmail.com

  2. Camille

    Hey did you found anything close to Québec ?

    Je viens de Québec également :)
    Cordialement, Camille.

  3. Craig Robinson

    Hi Louis, My name is Craig and I am from the UK but also looking to do a similar thing. Have you got anything in particular planned? I would be very interested to know more.

    Many Thanks


  4. foreveryoung

    I’m always looking to meet like minded people.my wife and I love on 5 acres in the laurentians and in the process of building a self sustaining homestead. Our plan is to be off grid in the next 5 years. Meaning we will only have property taxes to pay. There are many lots available in my area and most back onto 1000s of acre of wild mountains which you can cross by foot, kayak, atv and snowmobile it the winter. Very quiet place with a very small village about 10 mins away by car. My goal is to get as many like minded people as possible to buy land, build their homes and create long lasting friendships while helping each other get away from the system and it’s rat race.

  5. Green Jim

    Hi Louis, I don’t know if you’re aware but there are already two relevant communities near you. One in Lantier called Habitat Multi-generation (they host Canada’s only Tiny House Festival). The other is in Harrington and is called TerraPerma off grid ecovillage. There are links and more information on my page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/916277685125905/. I hope that helps.